Buying Use Access - 1.5 Redstone Edition

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  1. Please watch the above video, then click the link near the end of the video or play the video below to see the second part of the first video.
    The above video demonstrates how it is now possible to use a shop sign to buy
    access to a door, trap door, dispenser, farm usage, lighting - anything dealing with redstone - this can now be possible.

    Need the direct links?

    Special thanks to: supereskimo (for original idea, and giving me perm usage)

    Please leave a comment or suggestion below - thanks
  2. This looks cool.
  3. wait....this works? that is sick
  4. Dosent work :(
  5. Wow ... I think this actually makes possible to have automatic shops in the wild.
    It would be possible to grief the shop in some way, but besides that I think it could work,
    I mean, it could be made so that it is not possible to steal without destroying / griefing.
  6. I must do this at some point in the future!!!
    I would get lots of money probably
  7. Wait wasn't there an old thread with this...
    I haven't been able to find it but I don't need to because of this thread :)
  8. Alright, I just made a tutorial for a design that lets the player teleport:

    I hope this helps!
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  9. Really Nice, Also If you go to:
    res #3019 I made a buy sign that lets people use my auto farm.
    res #3085 I made a buy sign that lets a dispenser activate.
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  10. I decided to make my own design bout to make the video :D
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  11. For those that want to see this - le bump ...
  12. I can't access the videos :(.
  13. i just made one.
  14. i am making a huge building with machines u can use for rupees. i use something like this but it is a little more advancde
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  15. Where, Can I see it?
  16. i broke it up. look on my 2nd res for other redmabobs if u like.
  17. Dis is legitly Awesome.