supereskimo's Magical Question Answering Device

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  1. Come one, come all, to 3565 on smp2 to have all of your most important yes/no questions answered!
    Anybody can use it! Just follow these 3 easy steps:

    1) Think of a question with a yes or no answer.
    2) Press the button once.
    3) You will receive a personalized response, made just for you!

    How does it work, you ask? Why, it's magic of course!

    Obviously that's not true, so the first person to figure it out wins... nothing at all! But good luck guessing :)
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  2. This is so confusing...

    I want to know how it works! :p
  3. Bump for anyone who hasn't seen it. I forgot to mention, there are 9 possible answers, kind of like a Magic 8 Ball (which has 20).
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  4. i have a feeling ik what it is
    I think there are signed books in A chest with the answers in it so when you Hit the button It syas a random answer Is this correct?
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  5. "are you fake" There's a good chance.
  6. Yup :) It uses the new message sign feature: