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Show Auctions in Recent Threads Sidebar?

Yes 134 vote(s) 68.0%
No 63 vote(s) 32.0%
  1. It's been a long standing request to hide Auctions from the Recent Threads on the side bar due to the volume of the threads constantly overwhelming the box.

    Well, I found we had the option to do so with out code change, but could not find an easy option to have a seperate box for auctions.

    So I ask the community - until time can be found to have a seperate auction listing - Show Auction Threads or not Show?
  2. First vote :p
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  3. I've gotta say, it's not the best idea to remove them from the recent threads bar. MOST of the bids that happen on auctions and get them going, are from people who view them from the recent threads bar. So, maybe extend the bar a little? Or maybe even add a different bar separately only for auctions?
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  4. I agree with ninja, add another bar for auctions :D
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  5. Maybe a dropdown box - and have auction threads seperate from the rest?
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  6. I think we should show them, as the point of bumping auctions is to get people to see them, and the recent threads bar helps people do just that :)
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  7. I liked them better when they were shown, let's me see what's going right now without having to go to the auctions themselves :)
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  8. The poll is asking about how to handle it UNTIL we can show them in their own box, as right now its either show them with the rest, or not show them at all .

    I will have to add code to support a 2nd box for them.

    So, simply asking would you rather deal with them flooding the list, or deal with not seeing them at all until the time can be found.
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  9. Like ninja said, i separate bar would definitely be more helpful. I often miss huge events because I would never knew they existed because they get pushed down by auctions in the recent threads. TBH, i would rather see them in auctions folder ;)
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  10. Keep- If we remove them, the town chat will be clogged with
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  11. Well.. I personally think it doesn't bother me either way so I voted yes have it stay. :p
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  12. FYI I added them back for now since poll is clearly showing that direction already
  13. Hmm, keep showing them for now, but maybe have a button on the recent thread box that toggles auctions in that box on and off
    EDIT: It seems like for the meantime the site is the main focus, good job, hopefully these improvements bring a lot of new players
    Edit#2: on recent threads it shows aikars post and not mine ;-; :p

    Also, I dont know if it is the site or just me, but I'm getting lots of pop ups...
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  14. I don't think it would be really, not more than it is now (not a lot). Spamming would just result in punishments :)
  15. I know you already added them back again, but I think they should stay in there until the new code is added since it makes us look like a busier forum.:p
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  16. I think it would defiantly be a good idea to make a recent threads box just for auctions. Then, the threads won't have to be bumped out so easily by auctions. If there won't be a separate section for auctions, then we should keep the auctions in the recent threads box.
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  17. Hmm, we could just keep them there. I just got finished with an auction, and the reason people bump their auction is to show it in the recent threads. We can keep them there, or get rid of them from being in there. OR...we can have another section with recent, or active, auction threads.
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  18. I sometimes rely on it for bidding on auctions, I am all in for them to stay until a bit of coding is done!
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  19. I say we let them stay. If they don't stay, auction owners won't get much bids.
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  20. Or maybe a "Recent Auctions" feed
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