Re-Announcing the Empire YouTuber Team!

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  1. Re-Announcing the Empire YouTuber Team!

    So a while back we announced this awesome YouTuber Team, but it fell behind and was lost in the old news threads so.....

    Let's dust it off and give it some brand new paint!

    Screenshot at 22-28-12.png

    How To Apply for the Team:
    Step 1: Make a Video about the Empire. It can be news, it can be builds, it can be you dying a million times for pure enjoyment. Whatever you feel like making. Be creative!
    Step 2: Post your video(s) to your Youtube account.
    Step 3: Send the Community Managers a link to your video(s).
    **Make sure that you include both Maxarias and krysyyjane9191**
    Step 4: Be patient while your video(s) is /are reviewed. If you do not receive a response within a few days, bump the conversation to make sure it was not overlooked. The Community Managers get tons of messages per day and we do not want to miss any submissions.
    Step 5: Follow instructions given to you.

    Privileges of the Empire Youtube Team:
    -Official YouTuber Rank (modeled by Electric_Hamster in picture)
    -Access to a super secret forum, where you can plan collaborations with other Empire YouTubers, as well as receive special assignments for amazing videos that will be uploaded to the Official EMC YouTube channel.
    -Your channel and EMC profile linked to at the start and end of any video you upload to the Official EMC channel through an assignment.
    -Access to a YouTuber Mumble Room
    -Special Access for Filming Opportunities
    -And More....

    *Note: We are looking for people with creative nature that are good with video creating and editing. Please do not use copyrighted material of any kind, including but not limited to music. You should also link to EMC in the description of your video. Your recording software must not watermark the video.

    **Not every submission will result in being added to the team. If you are not added, please do not be discouraged. You can always try again after working on your video skills some more.

    ====== DISCLAIMER ======
    If your video is chosen to be uploaded to our channel, you must give us unrevokable permission to use your video on our channel by emailing us from the email registered to your YouTube.

    We will assist you in giving us permission if your video is chosen.

    If you will not give us unrevokable permission to use the video, then it can not be chosen.
    Remember, your channel will be linked in the video so you can get exposure, but we need to build the official channel up and let users find all EMC videos in one place. It also is safer for us to be the one hosting it too incase a member leaves or their YouTube account is shut down.
  2. Awesome! Can't wait.
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  3. 2nd sounds awesome.
  4. I was hoping you guys would bring this back!
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  5. I'll try to be in a part of this cause I have really good recording and editing gear
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  6. Wow this sounds interesting! :)
  7. This sounds epic :D
    Question = Can the video you put in be one you've uploaded already (like before this was posted)?
  8. Nothing saying you can't so I assume so. Just has to be about EMC.
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  9. Awesome! Gonna have to get to work on a video!
  10. Aha, Time to finish a video I was making a few weeks ago.
  11. Yeah. No problem with that =)
  12. Awesome! I love to make videos on EMC this is gonna be fun!
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  13. So, it has to be on EMC. Can your channel have videos on other servers, too?
  14. This should be sweet
  15. Guys your channel can have tons of different videos. The purpose of the YouTuber rank is for you to upload videos about EMC and promote the server as well as gain some traffic to your channel. So in return for your support, you get a cool rank and a great opportunity to grow your channel! :D You can still have whatever you want on your own channel, the videos you submit to EMC just have to be of EMC. Hope that cleared a few things up! :)
  16. I do believe its time!;):D
  17. I've applied :) Hopefully I get in, I was the only one to ever be featured on that EMC YouTube advertising thing :p
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  18. Nice Forge!! :p
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