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  2. so, this wasnt on emc, this was on singleplayer so yea
    you just had to be in there didnt you?
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  3. removed
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  4. Top 10 Uses For Fishing Rods
    1. Pulling creepers out of your cow pen.
    2. Pulling creepers out of your pig pen.
    3. Pulling creepers out of your pool.
    4. Pulling creepers out of your farm.
    5. Sending creepers flying into the air.
    6. Pulling creepers into a mob trap.
    7. Knocking a creeper off of a wall.
    8. Pulling creepers out of your chimney.
    9. Pulling creepers out of your bathtub.
    10. Fishing
  5. What happened there?
  6. Please tell me that was a joke and you truly did not think it was racist, because it is in no way racist.
    That is French, I believe, which is extremely similar to Spanish.
    EDIT - A quick translate says that that means I do not English (I assume something was lost in translation, probably means I don't not speak English) In Spanish that would be no hablo ingles, roughly, which is very similar to that. Troop was probably just confused, and noticing the similarities, thought it was Spanish.
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  7. it wasn't just troop, other people said things in spanish to him

    and it doesn't look like spanish to me
  8. That's still not being racist.
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  9. ...
    This. So much this.
    Racism is a stereotype of an entire race based on the actions of a small group of that race.
    For instance, it would be like saying all Australians say go throw a shrimp on the barbie, or , on a more extreme scale, things like racism in the USA in the 1960's
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  10. Importerer and redfire23 messing around with TNT on red's residence.
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  11. that says "i am not in english"
    so he probably means english education
    *insert the more you know here*
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  13. thank you :3
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  15. you're supposed to see my disconnecting lolololol :D
  16. 2014-08-24_12.44.36.png
    I am unstoppable.
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  18. 60 frames is probably his limit so he has smooth gameplay, he could prob go higher if he wanted to
  19. If you were trying to say it right, it would be "Je ne parle pas Anglais". So, I kind of doubt the person spoke French anyway. What the person said (Je ne pas en Englais) would mean "I don't not in Englais".
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