Race to the Far Lands...or to the end of the map where we bug out.

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  1. Long time since I posted anything.
    I propose a 4 team RACE in the EMC to the Edge of Minecraft.
    I am hoping maybe to do some kind of thing for charity, donated and sponsored by the gaming community.
    Ok, here is a more organized way of putting it.
    1. Get four teams from the middle wild spawn point.
    2. Each goes N,S,E,W (Teams : North Star Knights, Southern Cross Scouts, Heroes of Dawn [east], and The Twilight Braves [west]
    3. one person in each group records the team expeditions to their edge. All teams starting at the same time and ending at the same time, if possible, and can't start without whole team.
    4. Have people sponsor their team for charity chosen by the EMC community.
    5. Can sponsor individual members of the teams with minor sponsor for a charity they are going for.
    6. Spread the word about the Great Race to the Edge and get EMC some extra attention and possible new members.
    7. ????
    8. Profit.
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  2. Isn't the edge of the map 30 million blocks? Even with Speed II Potions, a flat ground, and unlimited saturation, it'd take 43 and a half days to fun that far. It's very unreasonable.

    However, the idea is a great one. I do like the idea of a wilderness race and there have actually been quite a few before this. I believe one made the home page of EMC (hosted by zombieslayer101) and another was/is running now, hosted by jkr.. jrm... oh, I don't know, the guy with the bunch of letters in his name. :p

    Also, links rock: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/event-into-the-wild.45472/

    If you were to host a wilderness race, I'm positive you'd get a very large response. It's unfortunate that (I think, maybe it's still going...) that Into the Wild fell through... I was looking forward to that.
  3. The thing is that 1.8 removed the far lands, which is actually 12.55 million blocks. Which is a little faster, therefore the edge would be sooner.
    Also, I know that reaching their may cause lag issues, I was hoping that maybe it can be done in the Wastelands? that way the resets would help with some of that. The only thing Im wondering is would it reset the run progress, and if so would mods be able to teleport us to our last quards.
    It would have to be in a strait line, or as strait as we can get it, to get to our goal. If the whole of EMC backed their teams and also get the attention of those outside of EMC the chances for its falling through would be less.
  4. Are you proposing that it is done in one session? Or over the span of a few months?
    The wastelands are 4,000x4,000 only.
    Oh, definitely, I just think it should really be smaller than the world limit. My new estimate is 17 straight days of playing in run there, absolutely minimum. Though I do believe this is a great idea, something like 10k or even 20k would be more reasonable.
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  5. We can go to the frontier then. I would hope it would take a few days just to get as far as we can possibly stretch it without crashing the server or hurting it in any way. Find the EMC Edge. heh.
    I would love it if it would be a few months. Dedicated teams meeting once a day for however long it takes us to get to our edge. The videos would be placed on the Tubes and we could gather more attention.
  6. It's definitely better to do it over the span of however long it takes.

    Have you considered giving teams a start date and an end date and seeing who can get the farthest out? It could be checked with the live map...
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  7. Yes, as soon as i know there is more interest i would like to do it sometime in may. We would need to collaborate with the teams on what days and times as a whole we have in common to get this started. That way no one member leaves the team or no one team gets an unfair advantage.
  8. Perhaps start a new thread with a poll? Or edit the first with a survey in Google Docs? Both of those would measure interest. Arranging a start date won't be too difficult to do. It should actually be relatively easy if you have <10 players.
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  9. sounds good, I was imagining 5 per team so 20 players.
  10. It is a cool idea and the charity thing seems like a nice way of doing this. I kind of like what PenguinDJ said about seeing who gets the furthest in x amount of time. If you wanted, you could take the distance in blocks and add that to the amount of money donated for that team's charity to determine the winner. Maybe have two awards for the actual furthest and the one with the highest score. This is all assuming you mean real charities with real money. Another thing you have to think about is popularity. Unless you are very famous somewhere, it will be hard getting people to donate. You will need a good and tested platform to host the donations on along with lots of community involvements.
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  11. What happened to Into the Wild? Is it still planned for some time? Also, I recall EMC hosting an event for charity. I wasn't playing at that time, but surely with enough community support and staff supporting it the charity idea could definitely work.
  12. I like the idea. I do agree with jkrmnj though. I find it much more reasonable. I say allow one week, no using the nether, to see who can get the farthest away from the center wild outpost possible. Maybe make them leave a little fun landmark or something even as shuttle as a locked chest. I think it would be reasonable enough to try for 13 million blocks. But it would be best to do the x blocks in x amount of time.

    As for prizes I think it should be completely donations based and maybe a humble 20k to go in with it. If this does happen I very well may try for a team. :)
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  13. It's still going on, staff is just making the final touches :)
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  14. As Karate said, we will actually be hosting it this weekend and hopefully getting some good videos footage of it in the process to share with everyone else.
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  15. The Far Lands were removed in Beta 1.8, over 3 years ago...

    And doing a 'race' would be practically impossible without the use of 'hacks'. Kurtjmac has been doing a series where he legitimately walks to the Far Lands since 2010 (I think), and to my knowledge he's still doing it. Either that or he cancelled the series :p

    The 'impossibility' of it coupled with the fact that EMC's servers may not be able to work under a heavy load (they're struggling enough as it is, it seems...), and the Far Lands (if they were to still exist) cause major glitches when reached.
  16. please read Every post. I even said 1.8 removed it. I also said we should go as Far as we could go without hurting the server.
    The race is also Very possible without hacks. All one mod or senior staff has to do is give us the max we can go and then we head to it, no further. I also said I would hope it takes a month or more.
  17. How would this work?
  18. Why would you think he didn't read every post?
    I don't quite agree with his reasons when he says that it is impossible without "'hacks'" but I never see you mentioning we could go as far as possible without hurting the server :p

    I don't see it going well with the servers either I guess, it would be a little hard to handle just over two million new chunks.
  19. "Really? It is the Fifth post where I said that.
    We can go to the frontier then. I would hope it would take a few days just to get as far as we can possibly stretch it without crashing the server or hurting it in any way. Find the EMC Edge. heh.
    I would love it if it would be a few months. Dedicated teams meeting once a day for however long it takes us to get to our edge. The videos would be placed on the Tubes and we could gather more attention."
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  20. what do you mean how would that work? As in how to spread the word or how spreading the word can get extra attention to EMC?
    YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, other stuff, tell your friends in school or work.