[Event] Into the Wild

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Would you participate?

I want to join 24 vote(s) 77.4%
I want to watch 5 vote(s) 16.1%
Needs some modifications to sound cool. 2 vote(s) 6.5%

  1. The wild offers adventure and danger at every turn. Holes, creepers, holes with creepers, and many other challenges are found in the wilderness. This event places 5 pairs of players into the wilderness with nothing but their bare hands. Their goal is to take the 10,000 block trek from an outpost to the center. On their way, they will have to participate in challenges and obstacles along with the normal dangers of the wild. They will have to make important decisions that could change the outcome of everything. Do you go through the night and make good time or do you build a shelter. Do you take the time to mine and increase your supplies or do you run for it and hope for the best. It is a race to the finish line and the first player to the end will win fantastic prizes. Did I mention that the entire event will be recorded for everyone to watch?

    10 players in groups of two start at the spawn where they will receive their first instructions. These instructions can contain different types of information such as challenges, coordinates, or route information. These instructions must be completed in order to receive the next set of instructions. Possible challenges include parkour, scavenger hunts, puzzles, dungeon crawling, and much more. route information will give specific ways of traveling such as across a mountain or through a structure. Every 3000 blocks, the last team to get to the safe house will be eliminated. This will leave 2 teams for the final 1000 blocks where they will split up and take two separate but equally difficult routes to the finish line.

    Recorders (the more the merrier): You will be in charge of filming the event using a screen recording program. The only requirements are that you have a steady and solid fps while recording and no watermarks. Preferably one recorder for each team although sometimes you will be placed in vantage points for recordings.

    Average fps with recording:
    Screen recorder you use:

    Participants (10): you will be the players. 6 of you will not make it to the end but it will be tons of fun and all of you will be compensated for your time. Those who don't make it will cheer on the winner at the finish line.

    Why you want to participate:
    Teammate (if you don't have one just say so. you will be matched up with someone else):

    The event will occur on SMP3 in the frontier wilderness. The exact time will be determined once all contestants join.

    The winning team will get 100,000 rupees each. All contestants will recieve 10k for their time. Staff will receive 20k each for their time.
  2. I like the name. I'll think about participating in some way...
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  3. I'd love to participate! I do have one question though, what smp would it be on? I run Creeper Paradise on smp2, and am a member of the LLO on smp7, but as long as its not those 2 I'm game :D
  4. Is this a one-time thing? Is it spread over a number of days/weeks, or all in one day? What smp is it on?
    I'd love to be a field worker, I'm very scouty.
  5. Location and time will be determined at a later date. The reasoning for this is to ensure everyone can make it. I don't want to give an exact time and date only to discover that most people can't come then. I will also keep the exact location a secret so that you all can't go there early and practice. I will take into account everyone's restrictions when choosing these things.

    It will be a one time thing although if this works really well I will likely host another. Based on my calculations, it will take about an hour to complete. That is easily doable in one sitting. (this number comes from 10,000 blocks/walking speed with 20 extra minutes added to account for challenges and other things that will happen on the way.
  6. you're all gonna die of starvation in an abandoned bus while on this trip to alaska

    like if you get the reference
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  7. I should recommend you to mention the smp you are at least thinking to have the game on, because I'm guessing that a lot of people won't sign up only because they don't know what server it'll be on. And if there's a chance that it'll be on a server where they'll be inconvenienced, why sign up, lol
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  8. Right now I am thinking 5, 3, 4 or 6. They all have promising courses and aren't that big for outposts and stuff.
  9. Cool! I may watch, or participate even.
  10. Wilderness experience:
    I regularly mine quartz and kill ghasts in the nether wastelands. I've amounted over 1 DC of quartz blocks (Maybe 1-2 DCs of the ores) and over 9 stacks of ghast tears just from hunting. I also have over 8 lava slime heads and have acquired 4 ghast heads
    I'm agile in the wild because I use enderpearls where I can get a vantage point, I'm very good at fighting mobs, and I am good at utilizing horses as well. I've killed over 30 super turkeys and amassed 8 turkey slicers (2 were given to a friend) and 3 stacks of cooked turkey.
  11. You have been accepted. I will start a convo for all event staff soon.
  12. Cool, I would like to be a recorder, although I most likely can't come.
  13. Why wouldn't you be able to come? The time hasn't been set yet so unless you have a very restrictive schedule, you should be able to come.
  14. Because I can hardly ever come, events are almost always past 8 PM for me.
  15. Because this one only requires those involved, the time will be whatever fits the majority of participants. This means that we can try to make it before 8 PM. What time zone are you in?
  16. I'm 6 hours ahead of EMC time. Noon EMC time is the latest I can go, which is too early for a lot of other people.
  17. I would be interested in participating, here is my experience:

    Taken down multiple Momenti (grammar!), and I am an expert in mainly gathering, crafting and getting food.
    I mainly work in the wild maintaining temporary outposts, like smaller places, then after maybe 10-20 Minecraft nights out in the wild, destroy the outpost and take the materials to make another small one in a spot that has not been drained of all it's resources.
    I am move generally fast, considering I use enderpearls and always travel in the wild with at least 5 stacks handy just in case things get out of hand.
    Mainly good with a sword, not necessarily the best with a bow.

    As for partners, I really don't care, but I'll catch up with people tomorrow in-game and see if anyone would like to partner up with me (thinking Keldeo178 or Robobozo as we work best as a team, but I haven't spoken to the about this, so I'll have to take care of that tomorrow)

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  18. I would like to be an assistant.

    Why you want the job (more than just one sentence): I just purely love these kinds of events. I also love to see how everyone creatively thinks about these challenges, loving to observe them in progress. I also love more frontier experience, since I spend some of my time in town (although I am part of an outpost). I'm also a decent redstone engineer and builder, so if you want, I could help you build the obstacles, and rig some redstone traps if wanted. I also think creatively, and I am the robotics designer at my school (and programmer), a thing called HoPS, which creates puzzling challenges for smaller kids, and so on. I think I could be a good "gamemaker," so to speak. Wow, I used a lot of "I's" in there.

    A challenge you would create for the event. Be creative: If it's possible, have on of the 3k block waypoints as a meeting place for all the teams, and have them do a maze or race to see who gets to the next challenge. However, a better idea might be a variation of a scavenger hunt. Instead of just straight-forward finding objects, I would manipulate it so it's set up using books. The books contain riddles, which lead to another clue, room, another book, so on. Eventually, they would finally pass it and such. I can rig some redstone traps in there too, as I said above.

    Keep in mind though that I might not be able to attend, depending on the time and date only. I'm free on any SMP, although preferably not 9.
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  19. Accepted. I will be adding you to the staff convo now.

  20. 9 participants needed.