R0bbieJo's Merry Christmas Party SMP4 Style! Sign Up For Your Presents Now

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by R0bbieJo, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. It's That Time Of Year...
    The kids are getting excited and the parents are out shopping.
    School is getting ready to close yet another semester to the history books.
    Where did this year go?
    Since we lost so much over the past few months I find this the Best Way to catch up!

    We are having a Christmas Party!

    Shaunwhite1982 has been working his magic and the Smp4 Project is now covered in snow and filled with a beautiful Christmas Tree!
    The decorations continue and now its time for the presents....
    How you ask... .it's simple... I want you to request it here. Let me know one reason why you would like to have a present from R0bbie this year... and it's yours...
    A simple way to reflect on what really counts at Christmas...
    Maybe your answer will be...
    R0bbie I would like a present for all the help I have given others on smp4 this year. Are you the one who says... I want one cause I spent the last 6 months NOT getting into any more trouble! :) Lol
    No matter what you are thankful for... tell me here and there will be a chest with your name on it for Christmas...
    Deadline is December 21st... so hurry!
    Cause I love you!
    Merry Christmas...
  2. Robbie, I would not like anything thanks, but it is very kind of you to have this party, Merry Christmas to you and everyone else! ~FDNY21
  3. The Christmas tree is Amazing !
    Great job R0bbieJo and shaunwhite1982 !
    I think you majorly understated this record breaking 4-res tree :).
    Visit 8100 an smp4 and go straight, you cant miss it.
    We need screenshots :).
    R0bbie, you are very generous.
  4. No words can describe what I thought when I saw your Christmas tree.
    Wow. Just wow. It is absolutely fabulous!

    I know this might sound punny, but 'all I want for christmas is you'
    (lol, obviously referring to the song ofcourse)
    but seriously, when you get a hold of what Im planning.. You'll love it without a doubt.
    So I would absolutely love it when we can go get some work done on a few projects, thats what I want for christmas!
    *good luck getting that in a chest ;)*

    Merry christmas~!
  5. You are amazing R0bbie! Thank you for all that you do for EMC.

    I hate to say this because it makes me feel arrogant, but I think I should get a Christmas present from you because I just re-opened a supply company and a christmas present and a present would show me that I am wanted on EMC! Also, I think my employees and Pab10s should get a present too because they are super helpful when it comes to pretty much anything. My employees are: KilledDallos, zh88, boozle628, epicminerman321, FirstJugBurgerz and MotorBurn.
  6. Haven't looked at it yet, but I can assume it will look amazing, and I feel I should get a present because I am attempting to gather 3600+ furnaces for a public ice gen and I'm only halfway through covering it!
  7. Instead of a reason, I'd like to post a little gift I made in Chunky from me to you :)

    Merry Christmas Robbie :)
  8. Wow, how did you get that high for the screenshot?
  9. Oh, it's not a screenshot, to use it in Chunky I have to take a world download and position myself in single player
  10. I might be the first to say it, but that it a glorious skybox
  11. Well from robbie i would love a dragon egg. I believe i deserver a dragon egg because i have always helped out people on this server when they need help and i never get recognized which i love because its anonymous and i always love lending a hand. Plus so far i have no enemies or bad reputations anywhere on this server. It is also one of my emc goals to get one of these. Please robbie if you cant fulfill my wish pm me and i can reluctantly wish for something else. Merry christmas! Im not trying to sound arrogant at all i promise. This is amazing of you robbie, thanks so much
  12. I would like a second chance book because I have worked very hard to get my museum to completion yet it is very hard to get one when you have never been banned.
  13. id liek for your text to not be red :)
  14. I <3 Robbie, it's your little skeleton (stormboy :3), I think I should get this gift for helping out and being a great friend...btw don't think I won't have a gift for you ;)

    Marry Christmas :)
    From the boy of storm
  15. Wait if earth is up there were are you from? D:
  16. I would Like a Christmas present this year Because Im thankful the empire exists, Because if it wasn't for the staff team that made the empire so unique, I wouldn't be on minecraft today! And ill also thank that smp4 hotel thread, its what made me join the empire :D
  17. Wow this is mighty kind of you. It makes me feel happy inside when I see someone like you with this my generosity. I for one do not want and/or need a gift. But I'll get you whatever YOU would like this year R0bbie for being one of the kindest, and most loving players throughout Emc.

    -Happy Holidays to you and have a wonderful Christmas. :)
  18. Wow great tree! Lovely decorated! :) Robbie I think I would deserve a pressie for ya know...I been helping a lot of people this year and been very kind. :p No seriously I have.

    P.s Robbie how's your Smp4 project coming along? :)
  19. Wow, thats one good looking tree. And I'd like a present, just for moving to smp4! :D I'll find you something in return.