Quickest way to make rupees?

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  1. idk
  2. For me it is trading for emeralds - but you need to have a very big melon/pumpkin farm first.

  3. This was me when I joined and me now....

    Learn from my mistakes
  4. And my rupees?
  5. I am currently making a large cactus farm on utopia and I'm going to set up furnaces to make dye and then sell the dye. I hope it will be a money maker :D
  6. Do you actually think I have a pentillion rupees? lol
  7. Yes.
  8. Mine and sell to shops is quickest
    Depending on how much time you have you could mine obsidian with a fast pickaxe and beacon set up you can do a DC in a few hours = 100k rupees or there abouts
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  9. Bro it's fake
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  10. Stone slabs have been fair to me.
  11. Yes, stone slabs are the true best block.
  12. Inspect Element
  13. Of course, I doubt anyone even has 1 billion rupees that's not a developer or admin