Quickest way to make rupees?

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  1. What is the quickest way to make rupees? So far ive been mining diamond ore with silk touch to sell to azoundria, but that isnt the easiest
  2. Oh I want to know too I'm a bit poor... (676 r)
  3. Go to the nether. If you go even just 100 blocks from spawn it will look like no one's been there. I just mined 9 stacks of quartz blocks a week ago.
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  4. It worked
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  5. Please say that's edited ;-;
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  6. Oh my god.....thats...thats, unbelievable ;-; and I only have 12k rupees XD
  7. It cost a few thousand, I am a dubai prince though so its ok.
  8. Ummm wat I thought that was impossible!
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  10. 250 Trillion rupees :D
  11. :confused: wish I had that money.
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  12. Yeah, I know how it works.
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  13. wish I had 1 oh those trillon :confused:
  14. My mom said I can buy 100 trillion for each friend I have
  15. *screams* Am I a friend?
  16. Yup
  17. *goes into coma*
  18. Wow!
  19. That.... That can't be true.... If so.
    Than.... Economy on EMC =ruind