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  1. Great members of Empire Minecraft!

    I introduce to you today Quartz Industrie. Just as it sounds, it has something to do with Quartz and redstone.

    Work will begin shortly.

    What we do.
    Quartz Industrie specialises in redstone engineering. We design and build almost any kind of redstone device. We also build things to go along with them.

    This is a list of our current products:

    Stone Generator - 500 rupees - Just a simple stone generator. Produces a single row of stone.

    Double Stone Generator - 750 rupees - Again, a simple stone generator, but it produces two rows of stone.

    Smart Houses - 15,000 rupees(Price may increase depending on size and complexity of house) - This house is fully kitted up with redstone gadgets to make it automatic. Features: Auto-lighting, Hiding tables and chairs plus more! House design is fully customisable.

    Smart House installation - 8,000 rupees(Price may increase depending on size and complexity of install) - This is the basic installation for the smart house. Can be integrated into ready-built house.

    Roller Coaster - 10,000 rupees - An exciting roller coaster. Comes ready built for you. Basic to no themeing.

    Roller Coaster with Themeing - 20,000 rupees - Your normal roller coaster but with extra themeing.

    Current Discounts
    This is a list of products currently on sale:

    None at the moment. Check back later. :)

    Packs are a group of products that come at a discounted price. This is a list of our current packs:

    None at the moment. Check back later. :)

    Making Orders
    To make orders please pm me here.

    I hope you guys like this idea!

    Quartz Industrie will offer free inspections if something goes wrong. We will then charge accordingly for fixes to the device. If an update breaks some of the machinery we will offer a free fix.

  2. Sounds good :)
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  3. Looks interesting ... I might want something built ...
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  4. Cool. Really cool.
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  5. Updated the first post. Tells you how to make orders.
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  6. stone generator? I don't even know how to make that:p.
    Why no obsidian gen, though?
  7. I would like to join as an engineer. i am a <insert my name here> and i can make close to 75 redstone contraptions. pm me with questions
  9. for cobblestone generator you don't need redstone or quartz, do you?
  10. For my one you do.

    What do you mean?
  11. Well, I think I order a stone generator. I hope it's good.
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  12. When 1.5 comes out I'll do it as my first job. Just pm me to confirm the order.
  13. I'd probably order something.....if I had the money.
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  14. I will put on some deals on and then. Mostly for the newer items or when I am feeling happy. :D
  15. I hate to be a grump in the mornings, but this is kinda expensive. I tried this once with far cheaper materials, nobody really got into my swing.
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  16. Need help? xP totally unrelated but I'm getting bored of minecraft, so I want to spice things up a bit..
  17. Sounds interesting. Would you mind giving me some more details on the smart houses? Maybe I'll order one.
  18. You might have to create a showroom floor on a res so that people can appreciate what it is you are offering. Nice Idea.