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  1. So I would like you guys to settle a bet for me. As a community. I have some fellow staff members who claim that no one would be interested, but some others and myself think otherwise.

    The EMC Staff members were thinking about hosting a livestream, open to all members. A time that would be best suited for ALL timezones (time has not been discussed, as very little [none] planning has been done). Of which the EMC Staff will answer as many questions as possible from the EMC players. Unlike the forums where you have to wait for your answers to show up, we are right there, to answer immediately.... by voice if everything goes correctly.

    We are just interested as to know how intereseted YOU, the community, would be. We also want to pick your brain. What would you want us to do for this livestream? It would obviously have to be minecraft, but what in minecraft? Notice the lack of poll? That is because we are open to ANY suggestion. This could be the only time you get to tell the staff members WHAT TO DO! :D.

    If this generates enough interest, it could happen quite soon. We just want to know what you guys would think. Watching a bunch of us not so good at minecraft people with green names (and purple) trying to do things you think are so easy. All the while, attempting to answer your questions to best of our abilities.

    Some of our staff members are very rarely seen in game, making discussions like these (especially with one in particluar EMC developer, with the corruption of the economy on his mind) a rare chance to speak one on one. So let us know what you guys want! Do you want a QnA? Do you want to see how those oh so secretive staff discussions go? Its up to you.

    This has also grown to possibly Involve a Childs Play Charity Drive!
  2. Good idea, Sounds more then awsome....
    Please make sure that Aikar is there, Im gonna have more then many questions for him about how to merge the EMC Android app with the website :p

    FIRST! :D
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  3. When? We need to know!!

    Also can we get EMC's logo on the Childs Play website? I know its a charity but advertising too!
  4. We are also discussing a possible 'Childs Play' fundraiser for the event. For donations for the end of the year to help out the Childs Play Charity. Thoughts?
  5. The Child's Play idea sounds like a good idea to me. I take it this'll be a little bit like the PMC livesteam, just with you answering the questions at the same time?
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  6. Right, I know a lot of you guys may sometimes find yourself watching livestreams of your favorite YouTubers. Well Indie Game developers do them as well, to give their player bases a chance to ask some of the game developers some questions. Well, given that some of our staff members are releasing exclusive code to EMC, as well as some things even higher up than that, we figured it would be a good opportunity to do the same.
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  7. Sounds neat. What is it?
    As in: is it audio- or video-based, do you have to download something for it, etc. If someone could give an example of what they think the end result -might- look like, that could help.
  8. End Result would probably be us the staff on some kind of VoIP software like 'Mumble'. Then, one staff member will be streaming from their computer to the internet. At which time you, the viewer, will be watching and listening to us. There will also be a chat box, we are deciding about how to approach this so it will be easier to answer and see everyone's question. But just know that there will be s a chat box of some sort. Of which you will type in whatever you like, whether it be a question, or just saying hello to someone you know. Or even carrying on your own conversation.
  9. Okay, so my understanding is that this would either be a one-time thing, or something that occurs rarely (maybe once a month or once a year). For some reason, I was imagining of a permanent feature, with something like a "Live Stream" button on the EMC homepage - which I now see would be much too difficult to implement.
    Now that I understand... I say heck yes! As for the fundraiser idea - maybe you could have a section in the top corner showing the current amount of money donated, and also the goal amount. There could be an incentive of some sort, but I have no idea what. Maybe you could have a month leading up to the livestream during which 50% of donations goes to the charity.
    Some ideas for the stream... I think you'd definitely want to dedicate at least part of it to Q&A, and part to the dragon tomb and other updates, possibly with in-game video of what they would look like. This would be a great opportunity for EMC players to see what's going on. I don't know what other topics you could do, but if I think of something I'll be sure to post it. As for the time issue, you could have different mods/admins stream at different times, maybe? Just a thought.
  10. IMO, there would have to be some sort of perk for it to actually get donations as a charity thing... maybe something as simple as a * before your name in chat for a few weeks or similar would work... nothing overpowered, just a little "thanks". People seem more inclined to donate if they get something back, no matter now little.
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  11. When using the mob disguise plugin, can you attack entities?
  12. The problem with that is the way child play and ChipIn works, is that it is all handled by another party. Also, it would all be paypal accounts. So the onlything WE could do is ask 'Did you donate to childsplay?' which is all on the truth system. However, we could set a goal, and if we reach the goal have some kind of serverwide benefit.
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  13. yes
  14. Ahh, makes sense. A server wide perk seems to be the best way then. :)
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  15. Including players?
  16. All of these ideas sounds cool. And would Justin be one of the people doing this?
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  17. I knew it wouldn't be long before someone asked that. :rolleyes:
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  18. But you have to ask. We all want to meet the magical JustinGuy.
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  19. Sounds good but keep in mind you would have to be rather prepared for annoying and repetitive question that have already been answered either in the QnA or prior on these forums.
  20. Believe me, we have discussed this to quite an extent already. We would be quite prepared to answer the same questions over and over.