(Promo Suggestion) JULY 4TH

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  1. Promo - TNT

    Promo name - The Big Boomer

    Use - Decorative and/or dispensable of one tnt item every 24 hours.

    Lore - "When a firecracker just isn't enough, happy July 4th!"

    Lore from Farmerguyson.

    Make it shiny with Final on name. Edit: Add Soulbound, EDIT 2: Unplaceable!

    Obtained by /promo 4JulyBoomer

    I feel like I’m forgetting to add something. Let me know in the comments what I’m missing.
  2. It's a great idea as long as this is in addition to the traditional firework.

    If I could make a suggestion, change the lore to something like, "When a firecracker just isn't enough, happy July 4th!"
  3. I love that as the lore. Will update my suggestion with your lore.
  4. +1

    It would be un-American to not have this. :D
  5. +1 in jungle green. I hope this gets added in addition to the traditional firework!
  6. Added soulbound to the suggestion and bumping this thread cause we all need to check this out. Let’s blow this post up so that the admins hear us when we say bring on the thunderous might of the TNT PROMO !!!!
  7. I'm still on board, just FYI. Whether it's soulbound or not, it doesn't matter to me. All I care is that it's final and available.
  8. Should it be unplaceable like a Waffle so the promo itself can not be used as TNT? Or is that going overboard?
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  9. Not going overboard.. Added.
  10. I thought of that too but wasn't sure whether it was appropriate. I'm still on board! :+1:
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  11. this sounds great but it shut be real loud or have like a particle exsplotion
    maybe fun that it dameged mobs but not players and no terain blocks damitch
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  12. We’re like in the final days. The fuse has been lit but will the suggestion be a dud or an explosive success. The suspense is killing me.
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  13. i rilly like the idea but maybe 1s efry 6 to 3 hours with a big boom so particles and it does damitchts to mobs
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  14. Happy one day early July 4th!!!!!
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  15. you to
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  16. i want a codfather fish 4th of July promo
  17. i share this disire to faded i know waht your daling with