Project Crossroads Union: A wild project

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  1. Project Crossroads Union: A wild project brought to you by Mrlegitislegit, Mba2012, Pat2011, BrickStrike, and Penfoldex.

    Hello people of EMC! I, Mrlegitislegit, along with the people listed above, present to you, Project Crossroads Union. Project CU (Crossroads Union) is a project based around the idea of city states working together to achieve success. There is no federal level government, which might make you think, "Well, without a federal government, all of these cities will diverge into chaos." You might be right, but only right if the city governments neglect the problems their city has and ignore the wants of their citizens. The major reason there won't be a federal government is so each city can be run differently. Lets say a government want's their town to be under Communism, where the government pretty much owns everything, and wealth is shared equally. The government is free to do that. If the people if that town don't like, they can protest, (In a way that doesn't break any EMC rules.) or even overthrow the current government, and enact their own government. Even through their wont be a federal government, their will be a federal committee, which will sever to help with problems between towns and players that request help, if their government cannot come to an agreement. This committee will be made of all of the founders of C (Me and the listed above.) and another person from each town. The leader of the committee will not be able to be part of a town government, so they don't have favouritism towards one town. At this time the head is Pat2011, which may or mayn't change, depending if he wants to form a town.

    There will be an application to join, at least for a little bit. This will be posted later today. There will be another application for outside groups (Shops, other wild outposts, etc) to join the CU, This application will always be in effect. This application will be posted in a few days, in the meantime, no groups will be accepted. Groups of any kind will not be aloud to be the government of a town. This also has to do with the possibility of favouritism.

    I will update this thread as we (The founders) talk and agree on stuff.

    Four more people are to be accepted at this time.

    Why do you want to join:

    What will you be doing:

    If you plan to join an existing town, which one: (Current towns, SunStreak, BellMarsh Cove)

    Have you been part of another camp/outpost:

    Time on EMC:
  2. If more info shows up after roughly two weeks, why are you making a post then already? xD

    Is it to make people curious? Because if that's the case, you're doing a great job. I'm curious.
  3. I will put some more info up before the two weeks are up (AKA, when I get my PC so we can start work on it) which is why I made the thread already. Also, curiosity.
  4. Can we have a clue about what it is for the moment, to keep us occupied until 14 days' time?
  5. Fine, here's some info.

    • It will borrow the usage of multiple towns with their own governments from the NR.
    • There will be little to no federal government, but there will be a few overall rules and a committee to help with problems between towns if the people of the towns cannot decide by themselves. The committee will be made of me, Pat2011, Mba2012, Brickstrike, and Penfoldex, along with one person from each town.
    • Trading and cooperation between towns will be the main goal.
    • There will be an application, at least for a little while at the start.
    • Outside groups that are not part of the CU (Crossroads Union) will need to go through an application. Unlike the member application, this will always be in effect.
    A project like this has always been a thing I have wanted to do since I got into the wild.
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  6. I have expressed my interest in this project, if mba hasn't already told you :p
  7. He hasn't told me, but hopefully this project doesn't undershoot you're interest. :)

    The towns in this project are more like city-states, where they have full power over themselves with no higher government ruling them. The towns will also influence each other. Lets say one town is a major mining town, so then another town might buy the ores off of them, and then become a major blacksmith spot.

    After thinking about it, we will be ready to get out of the first planning stage in around a week and a half.
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  8. Oh look, a thread. :D
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  9. *In the voice of David Attenborough* A wild, majestic thread, in its natural habitat.

    Also, MBA's camp, SunStreak, has said they want to become part of this, meaning this will be on SMP4.
  10. Well we could eventually branch out to other servers, right?
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  11. Hopefully.
  12. We could, but we should get a good start on 4 first.
  13. Also, MBA has requested that the island that SunStreak is on is not built on. He has said this might change later.
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  14. This is around the area where the state will be.

    Both Reds are Sunstreak, and the Green is the area I claim for my town, which will be called BellMarsh Islands.
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  15. So my understanding is that this a group within the NR that wishes to construct new cities/city-states, and also to have some influence within existing NR cities?
    Well, you're certainly allowed to form groups within the NR, and there's no rules against starting cities with their own laws at the moment. The only thing I don't really understand is
    "It will borrow the usage of multiple towns with their own governments from the NR."
    Are you talking about existing cities or new ones you'll build? If you're talking about existing cities, I don't really see how you'd have the authority to do so, without permission from the government. If you're talking about new cities more loosely tied to the federal government, you'll have to accept the same federal laws that all the other cities accept.
    However, this does bring up some good food for thought - perhaps we can have 3 levels of government instead of two:
    1) Federal - laws apply to all NR members on EMC - basic things, such as what's needed to found a city/city-state, national ministers, the GDA, constitutional amendments, etc.
    2) City-state, or federations of cities - allows groups of cities (much like what you're planning) to elect their own law-makers and leaders. It keeps the cities united, but doesn't require other cities to use the same laws - inter-city infrastructure, election organization, etc.
    3) City/Town - laws/officers that only affect individual cities - building codes, mayors, etc.
    This is just a thought. Either way, I look forward to getting NR outposts on servers other than smp9 :)
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  16. This has nothing to do with the NR, its it own separate state, but I do like some of you're ideas. :)
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  17. When this gets underway, I plan to make a spleef league. Towns that would want to join would have a spleef team and a spleef arena. (Doesn't have to be fancy) The teams would be five people each. The games would be 1V1, and the team with the most wins after two rounds of each person going, would win. After how many games, there would be a championship, like the Stanley Cup or Super Bowl, which would work in elimination, until only two teams stand, which would battle it out for the trophy, whatever that would be.
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  18. Oh. It didn't occur to me that you meant "borrow" the idea, and not the towns themselves. I just feel silly now. Good luck :)
  19. No this doesn't undershoot my interest :) mba told me some rough details about this, although I am looking forward to seeing what is to come and as a keen and active member of the Sunstreak islands, I feel this will be a great project to 'get involved in' :p
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  20. Well, the NR shall be your buddy. ^_^