[Price Check] Ore Buster

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  1. What's everyone's favorite pickaxe going for these days?
  2. Well, Alexchance is buying them for 600k...

    But he's crazy, so I'd probably price the orebuster at around 400k - 500k :)
  3. I think your estimate is way over priced. I trolled last several auction of Ore Buster and they did sell around 190k. I only seen one that sold for 300k.
  4. Keep in mind the most recent auction, which sold for 300k, took place about a little under 4 months ago, and for an item like that, the price can change drastically. Knowing Alexchance is the crazy person he is, I believe my price estimated price makes at least some sense.

    I guess we won't know until someone auctions another one :)
  5. 600k easy
  6. 6-700k easily i bought mine for 190k about a year ago so deffiniately more
  7. 600k if you count artificial inflation. Closer to 350-400 if you want the real price..

    I should note most people for some reason believe that inflated price is the real price and you'll generally be laughed at if you don't offer a (rather insane) surcharge on top of the real value.. It's upsetting that all it takes is one person to buy them for a ludicrous price and everyone gets the feeling that it should be the new normal price without consideration as to what the actual **** happened to the value that made it go that high.

    Ore busters should not be 600k but sadly they are as a result of (my complete opinion) ignorance. I'm not saying that because I'm salty - as a matter of fact I'm actually technically making loads off this artificial inflation. Believe me, I'm not the only one that believes all the aforementioned. I know of several other (rather wealthy) collectors that believe the same. They don't care that they've made tons off of it, it's not normal. The Halloween Bundles are a perfect example of another item that have been insanely inflated for no reason.

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  8. I too believe that some of the items are way overpriced. Sure, I'm happy that some of my items cost loads, but I agree that some are just too high... It's a shame because some of these items, especially the recent Halloween Bundle as Haro mentioned above, are way overpriced. People got 60-90k for a brand new promo that had only just been released and were still available at the time just seemed very odd :confused:

    Ore Busters - they are worth 600k, because everyone else wants to sell them at the price that other people have bought for. Unfortunately, that's how it's going to work - I am not going to sell my Ore Busters for a touch under 600k now if somebody else can get that for theirs :)

    I feel like there's a lot more to say about it but don't want to get off track as this is a price check on Ore Busters... Might add more elsewhere later, but there's some of my immediate thoughts anyway :rolleyes:
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  9. Ditto, I may be making a thread about this whole issue some time going in depth.

    Not here though :)
  10. It is getting a bit off topic so I would definitely recommend creating that thread if you want to continue this discussion. :)
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  11. I bought one last year for 175 k.
  12. If an item sold, it was not overpriced.

    Maybe you think the buyer did not get a good value? That might be true, but thinking so would be quite presumptuous of the buyers situation. What is the value of a rupee to someone who holds millions (and can easily make millions more), compared to the value of a rare item?

    Maybe the better questions to ask are:
    • At what price does an Ore Buster sell quickly?
    • What is the maximum an Ore Buster might sell for?
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  13. 1 Million Rupees!!!
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  14. I can't really say what they are really worth. I agree with JesusPower2. But....I would gladly pay 200k for one right now, if anyone is willing to sell.
  15. i have not seen one sell lower than 500k in months
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  16. Okay, regardless of the reason (be it upsetting or no) that they are so expensive, the fact remains that people are willing to pay 300-500k+ for them, which was my question. Thanks everyone for your answers!
  17. If you were to look at the latest (I think) auction for them, they went for 745k each. Granted, that might be because fewer people have 4

    Sorry, continue, didn't mean to interrupt. #EvilAlex

    In all seriousness, the rapidly growing price (of Ore Busters, and promos in general) can largely be attributed to their limited supply - i.e. hoarding - (shocking, I know) while everyone realises how much $$$ they can make from promos. Saying a promo should never cost x price is the same as saying promos should cost however much you personally want them to, when, really, people will pay what they deem necessary in the market. That's the 'real price.'
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