[Reverse Auction] 4 Ore Busters - starting bid 3 MILLION

Discussion in 'Reverse Auction Archive' started by AlexC__, Oct 24, 2015.

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  1. Purchasing 4x Ore Busters

    3million starting bid
    Min. bid decrease: 10,000r
    Auction ending time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Please deliver or offer pickup within 48 hours
  2. Also if I win it will be a while (like at least 6 days) before I will be on.
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  3. Invalid bid starting price is 2.5 million rupees
  4. One - please don't double post.

    Two - I'm sorry, I know I'm intruding here, but are you really sure that you're offering to sell four Ore Busters to AlexChance for 1k...?
  5. This is a reverse auction. The bid goes DOWN, not up, because you compete with others to sell. Please read the auction rules in this section for full details :)
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  6. It is a reverse auction
  7. Oh I thought I was buying the ore busters
  8. Yes, reverse auctions mean that you sell to the person in the original post. In this case, you are offering to sell AlexChance 4 Ore Busters for 1k total. That means you give him 4 Ore Busters and he pays you 1k. Please read the auction rules in this section for full details.
  9. Bump and new starting bid :)
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  10. Might want to change the OP as well as the title, and your sig :)
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  11. Somebody bid so this man doesn't start paying a mill per. xD
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  12. ITS..




  13. ok, 2.99 mill.
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  14. 2.98 Mil
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  15. Humpty bumpty
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