[PRICE CHECK] Cooked Turkey 2014 Promo

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  1. I suck at pricing...
    How much would a Cooked Turkey 2014 Promo go for?
  2. Maybe 45-50k

  3. Cooked turkey wouldn't go for more than 1k on a good day.
  4. The "Cluck-Cluck-Gobble" one...
  5. Oh.
    But its a good promo!
  6. What would the price of a Holiday Candle be then?
  7. The Turkey Slicer might go for 50k, but the cooked turkey (chicken) would not go for more than 1.2k.
  8. Do you want to buy one?
  9. Yes, I read it wrong - I'd say around 2k for the cooked turkey.

    However, you need to be careful what you call promos. Custom items fall into 11 distinct categories:
    • Promotional Items - these are obtained through the /promo command.
      • Anything that is not obtained through this command is NOT, I repeat, is NOT, a promo.
    • Special Event Items - these are obtained through special events. Their quantity is controlled and recorded.
      • Things such as the 80k Armor and Sarah Jane's Warpstar are Special Event Items
    • Dragon Tombs Items - items released through the Dragon Tombs Update
      • Dragon Stone Fragments (#DSFAM anyone?) and Dragon Stones
    • Contest and Award Items - the name is self-explanatory.
      • They're released as prizes from EMC contests, such as the CRAFTA awards and the Voter's Block.
    • Heads - basically, any head you see is an EMC custom item.
      • Player, Zombie, Creeper, and Skeleton Heads are in the vanilla game; the rest use MHF Heads.
    • Original Dragon Egg - these eggs were obtained by killing the ender dragon on the first 4? servers and Utopia.
      • Bullet 'cause symmetry.
    • Special Mob Drops - this is where you're Cooked Turkey goes.
      • Anything that mobs drop that you can't get otherwise (except D-Tombs items) are Mob Drops.
    • Token Exchange Items - aka the shortest page on the Wiki.
      • Only the Avalauncher currently.
    • Tutorial Starter Gear - items obtained through the tutorial.
      • Bulley 'cause symmetry.
    • Vote Bonus Items - the Voters Gear
      • Bullet 'cause symmetry.
    • Voucher Items - those items called vouchers are Voucher Items
      • This includes ALL types of vouchers.
    When you're posting a thread like this, it can get confusing if you don't call the item what it actually is.
    Woah, that was a lot of work. Also, the Wiki was missing a few templates. Geez!
  10. These days, this only goes for about 1.5k. :) Extremely common, extremely cheap.
  11. Does anyone want to buy one?
    I need to sell these...
  12. So um, Spooky Egg is mis-listed as an event item when the page says that it is a promotional item, and it was in fact, a promotional item that was not available via the /promo command. It is listed as a promo in the post that Aikar made for the Halloween promos:
    The Book of Colors could arguably also be a promotional item as it was released in tandem with an acknowledged promotional item and made only available in the shop and not via /promo as well. But this one is actually marked as an event item.. :oops: ..I wish I had caught these before I had stepped down as a Contributor..
  13. I'll buy them for 100r each