[March 18th-20th] Collect that Head!

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  1. To all you collectors, and anyone else who likes cool stuff or fire..

    I've decided to release my head into the wonderful wide world of EMC through a Promo! I hope you all enjoy my head as much as I enjoy having it on my shoulders. :( Gosh, I can't believe how many times you guys wanted to kill me for this! :p

    My head is a little bit more special than your average head... ;)

    ...hehhehehehehe fire.
    I've also got a signature book you can buy in the shop during this time.

    Simply type this to claim:
  2. Heads up new promo!
  3. Promo say whaaa
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  4. Finally! Someone shows me how to get ahead in this game.
  5. Oh sweet! Can't wait to be able to log in for this, so exciting :D
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  6. hehe all these heads jokes xD
    Happy birthday Max :)
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  7. Thanks Max always wanted your head! :D
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  8. Happy birthday Max! :)
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  9. just to note... the head will not cause any form of damage, and only works for 5 minutes after use, with an 8 hour re-use timer.

    It provides a useful buff if used correctly... :)
  10. Coolio
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  11. I knew it! x3
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  12. I wonder what promo lay ahead of this one.
    I'm very punny, I know..
    Happy B-day Max
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  13. Gotta log the alts in tonight haha.. i see this being used for griefing in the future.. Are there any things in place to prevent this?
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  14. 2014-03-18_13.58.43.png
    We have the most interesting birthday parties on EMC...
  15. Max, you're going to melt my palace :'(

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  16. The fire has no effect on blocks, purely visual.
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