Presidential Election - Why?

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  1. Hello all! I have been seeing EMC players talking about politics. They don't explain enough about why they want who they chose. This thread will allow members to explain the personality that makes them so great, the items they are giving that is so fine, and the way they act. Now, we are not asking which one you are voting for, we are asking what do you think about the presidential election. :)
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  2. [expletive] it, [expletive] it and them all.
  3. I do not like Donald Trump. I do not like Hillary Clinton (the lesser of two evils, however). I do not like Gary Johnson. I don't know enough about Jill Stein to say if I like her or not (I didn't know she existed until a few weeks ago), but since she's a Green I think she'd be the one who lines up with my ideologies the most.

    The only person I can say I liked running for President this election was Bernie before he packed it in.

    I say this as Eurotrash though, so please ignore my opinion.
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  4. I'm not political at all. I do have opinions on such affairs that take place within the states. However I dwell on other things that hits home a lot closer than who gets to sleep in the white house.
  5. Mkay.
    Very interesting.
    Oh, okay.

    I think all of your ideas are great. (Ideas, more like speeches.)
  6. I love how in the ad banners of EMC they are full of "American Pride" with Trump in the middle of the banner
  7. The reality: None of them are great. I'm taking politics this year and my teacher said this is the craziest election ever. Hopefully, I will learn more in the future.
  8. I am gonna say this, this skele would be better than Trump or Hillary any day ;)
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  9. In my opinion, Trump 'trumps' Hillary(Killary as I call her) ten times over. She's a liar that's been lying for thirty years. I didn't like Bernie because his socialistic ideas are just a backdoor to communism. I saw Trump at a rally once and I think you have to listen to him in person to get the full picture. The media likes to create blurred lines when it comes to politics.

    But in all honesty, what is politics doing on a peaceful server like EMC?
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  10. And Trump's ideas are just a backdoor to Fascism.
  11. The constant problem with the presidential debate I always see is that the candidates (Specifically Trump, in this case) are only getting judged for what they say and not their actual views for the country. Ignoring everything about their personality and taking bias out of the question altogether, there's actually a chart showing the views of the nominees, including third-party candidates. Nobody looks inherently bad when we stop looking only at the negative sides to our least favorite candidate.

    DISCLAIMER: The spoiler contains topics relating controversial issues, not that I should even have to say that.

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  12. I'm afraid to say that the person that was probably worth voting for, Bernie Sanders, has dropped out.

    Neither Trump or Hillary are someone I want to vote for, due to what they've been involved in/what they have done/what they are currently doing right now. If Bernie runs in 2020, he'll automatically get my vote.
  13. It's an interesting view, isn't it?
  14. bruh i thought u weren't even from America
  15. I don't see the Scandinavian countries becoming Communist at any point in the last 100 years. The UK has had Socialist governments many times over the last 100 years and has never became Communist. In fact, come to think of it, I remember no Communist country starting out as Socialist, only Communist countries calling themselves Socialist.
    I'm not (and fairly glad I'm not lol), hence my 'I say this as Eurotrash' part at the bottom.
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  16. Great speeches everyone :)
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  17. sorry what did you say? what opinion? I don't see an opinion.
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  18. Well said Olga, well said.

    This is one election year that I hope kids look back in their textbooks in the future and think "What were we doing?!?"... :\
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