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  1. okay before i begin with my explanation let me state that i havent looked on forums for this and apologise in advance because im working through my phone at the moment and its alot more difficult.

    my idea is sort of simple so here goes: a very expensive senior staff service that would extend a predefined number of blocks in radius where all they would do is find caves and dig straight up from them in a 1 block radius.

    my reasoning is simple: in vanilla you can headblock glitch and look for caves, mojang is aware of this and hasnt fixed it since pistons were introduced thus its pretty much accepted as a vanilla feature. aikar on the other hand in an attempt to prevent people from looking for diamonds has disabled the feature for the most part. if a senior staff did it people could dig down to a level that they wont die from the fall clear a 2 high space then fall down all the holes and fill them with dirt. it would assist in the nether as well as overworld and could be limited to a 128 diameter from the space you agree on. naturally emc'ers generally arent okay with seniorstaffs mucking around in the wild so the price tag would have to be implicitly hefty. but i think this would make grinders less laggy (i can hear aikar moaning about grinders right now) by eliminating dark spawn spots. and possibly increase server efficiency.

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  2. Why would someone pay a senior staff member a hefty sum to find a cave for them?
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  3. +1
    his would also do good for Empire because it would discourage players from X-Raying and Hacking
  4. I'm not saying I disagree with this, but the amount of rupees the player would have to pay would be more then they could possibly make from a cave or a mineshaft.
  5. clearly you have never painstakingly gone caving for a grinder, but please make a darkroom grinder then go around and try to find every cave in a 128 block diameter from your site, bet money you miss some, and in a month or two you will notice a lack of efficiency and be like man i have no idea where that cave i missed could be. the intent is not to profit off said caves its to profit off time saved from not having to find each and every one. its whats known in economics as intrinsic value.
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  6. In most, if not all mob farms, rates are best if all caves are illumanited/filled in/slabbed.
  7. -1. Most, if not all, of the senior staff services are made for town convenience. Doing this would not discourage having hacks as mainly new players do it and it appears that only the wealthy people will be using this.

    Also, I, myself, find this very wasteful of a senior staffs time. If you want to find a cave, get a pickaxe and find one!
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  8. How could Sr Staff more easily find the caves than a player could?
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  9. creative mode
  10. No idea what you are saying bite, but +1 c:
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  11. My cane farm pistons have been stuck in an extended position for months. This is why we can't have nice things...

    Paying a staff member who will use methods that a normal player would be banned for and restricting that service to a minority of players who can afford it seems unfair to me. More or less it would be paying to indirectly cheat.

    I recently saw a thread about a farm where someone offered to build it but said they definitely would not be doing slabbing. No one likes doing it, but it's part of the responsibility of building a working farm like understanding spawning distance and other mechanics.

    I actually think that the conditioning is the most valuable part of a farm. Reducing natural spawns in an area to zero would be a good service for a player to offer. But I think that it should be something that a player must spend time and effort on rather than something they should get without effort and especially in a way I cannot if I am following the rules.
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  12. Oh, I get it now, and yes I have gone caving for a spawner and actually found one.
  13. I want a snr staff service where you pay them like 300k-500k and all the available spawning areas in a certain radius are slabbed or removed.
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  14. of course you do

    I'd like a Sr Staff service where I pay 100k and they come and sort through all my chests and separate my items into separate chests.

    What other Sr Staff ideas could we come up with that just resolve our laziness and take away all the mundane stuff out of minecraft lol
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  15. nope you still arent getting it, and i lack the fortitude to explain
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  16. What he is saying is not to go caving to find a spawner, but to dig a large area underground for mobs to spawn essentially. On top of that try to find every single cave / dark spot in a certain radius from bedrock, all the way up the skylimit.

    On a side note I do see what this suggestion is about, and I personally feel this is a good idea, but will need to be adjusted to benefit a range of different players, for example it could be a certain percentage from someones money so they are technically losing the same amount. Either way good idea!
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  17. +millionz
  18. Easier to ask them for a triple spawner location or just to have spawners movable and purchasable. Would save staff time and give you a better result.

    Dont know, 100k each?
  19. but my idea does not just apply to spawners, it applys to darkrooms, gold farms, wither farms, witch farms, and even iron farms
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