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  1. Hello Empire!

    Since I didn't see any other threads about mods (like guides) I figured I would post mods that I knew about. Everyone is encouraged to share their mod tips on this thread. I have sorted my mods into forge mods, liteloader mods, regular mods and Giselbaer's mods since he had created many minecraft mods focused on EMC.

    Regular Mods : Mods that don't rely on anything else. They usually have their own installer.
    1. Optifine : An FPS enhancing mod that adds more settings to minecraft. For example: in regular minecraft, you can change your particles from minimal to all. But with Optifine, you can change what particles are on or off.
    2. 5zig : HUD mod that can do many things besides being an HUD. From a built-in chat, to a macro at the tap of a key-press that says in chat "Quack".
    Forge Mods: Mods that rely on the Forge Mod Loader.
    1. Inventory Tweaks : A mod that sorts your inventory neatly.
    2. MineMenu : A mod that allows you to have one key do many things.
    3. Schematia : A mod that allows you to save a schematic of your builds so that you can reuse it later.
    Liteloader Mods: Mods that rely on Liteloader
    1. Macro Keybind Mod : This mod allows you customize almost everything you do.
    2. VoxelMap : Minimap with mutiworld support. Useful for not getting lost.
    3. World Downloader : A mod that downloads your mutiplayer world and saves it into a single player save file. Useful for editing something in creative mode that you don't know if it is worth getting or not.
    Giselbaer's Mods: Mods created by Giselbaer.
    1. EMC Shop Locater : An mod that allows you to find shops quicker. You can see the best deals or the biggest sells on EMC.
    2. AntiGhost : A mod used to get rid of "ghost" blocks. Ghost blocks are when the a block is air to the client but solid to the server
    3. ChatControl : A mod used to seperate your chat into channels.
    Check out Giselbaer's other mods here.
    The Mods I would add to the OP will be approved mods only.
    Thanks for contributing to this thread :D!
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  3. I've found Schematica to be very helpful for when I'm designing a build on a creative world to eventually build on EMC. Schematica helps make sure I don't make mistakes when copying the build over, which for those of you who know me, is a large issue for me. :p
  4. My Mod List:

    World Edit: helpful when designing stuff in creative
    Schematica: transferring stuff from creative to survival
    Macros mod: helpful when running events, need to auto click something, or just quick access commands
    Voxel Map: Always know where you go!
    Optifine: cause because
    Waila: useful when building sometimes, and when playing with modpacks
    Arrowcam: fun and usefull for aiming... but does not get updated...
    Multi hotbar: kinda usefull when player is organized... not my case
  5. Mods I use:

    Worldedit - learned all the commands inside out, generating shapes, everything. really helpfull for building.
    Voxelsniper - great mod to use for terraforming and meggastructures, sadly not for singleplayer availeble.
    Worldpainter & Worldmachine - great for large scale terraforming and landscaping. I would really recommend using it to people doing large scale terraforming.
    Macro - loads and loads of shortcuts for commands. great to set up large walls of shop signs or access signs. It also used to be geat for crafting.
    Optifine - Just for the connected glass and shaders...
    schematica - you all know why.
    Worlddownloader - Always great if you're working somewhere where there is a very influencal enviorement. I have used it a ton for the design of the build that is going to go on residence 202, trying to make it look good between the other skyscrapers.
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  6. Actually, if you go to this forum section you will find several posts about mods.

    Here a few examples:

    From ShelLuser

    & SkareCboi

    I chose those 2 in particular to showcase, because they both give good insight as to actually install a mod for use.

    As for me, I have used many over the years, but have settled on these for now:

    Better PVP ( Fairplay Version )
    World Downloader
    Inventory Tweaks
    Ambient Sounds
    Sound Filters
    World Edit

    These mods are used in conjunction with a tweaked version of the Persistence & SnowSong Resource packs.

    Maybe someday Mojang will get the hint, and actually upgrade their offering, until then I am thankful for the innovative community that offers us some opportunity to tweak the basic settings to a much more desired environment with in which to explore.

    Happy Minecrafting, and Have a Great Day.

    Tempered Outpost Founder
  7. I have a real nice tip about a mod. If you shake a can of nickels at Luckygreenbird, he'll flee as far away from you as possible. I use this a lot when he's had too much sugar.

    VoxelMaps has a setting to put up a chunk grid. Really useful for building mob farms where you need to slap out a certain amount of chunks.
  8. My mods include:

    Forge & LiteLoader
    Schematica/LunatriusCore - Makes building so much easier.
    VoxelMap - Might be better ones out there but this is the first one I used and I liked it.
    MacroMod - Don't use this one as much anymore. Mostly just for summoning/stabling my horse lol
    WorldDownloader - Mostly used for the many, many town res edits I make :D
    WorldEdit - Only use this one in SP.
    Optifine - Just a must have.
  9. Bump!
    Let me know if you guys want me to add a mod to the mod list.
  10. Current Mods
    • Forge
    • OptiFine
    • 5zig
    • Mouse Tweaks
    • Schematica/LunatriusCore
    • EMC Shop Finder
    • AntiGhost
    • WorldEditCUI
    Former Mods
    • Light Level Overlay Reloaded - stopped needing it, so I got rid of it
    • Xaero's Minimap - Took up too much memory
    • Better HUD - replaced with 5zig
    Resource Packs
    • PikminNate's resource pack, Pikful
    • ForeverMaster0's Forever Enhanced
    • Connected Clear Glass
    Ooh, on Friday I'll add ChatControl to my mods. As long as it's approved.
  11. That's lovely. I logged on this morning to see this:
    Happy birthday, OptiFine!
  12. Just wondering, what is "EMC Shop Finder"? Sounds interesting.
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  14. I guess I'm very old fashioned because I normally don't use any mods at all, apart from OptiFine. But I don't really consider that be a mod because I can simply install it and it doesn't require a modloader or anything.

    When I do use mods I usually treat myself to "gameplay mods", so things which actually change your game. I'm a big fan of mods such as:
    • Tinkers Construct - Actually build your own Minecraft tools from the ground up. Use bone for the handle, use stone to combine the pieces and make your axe head from flint. The result is a razor sharp axe, which will actually be a bit better than your regular iron axe.
      • And speaking of metals: there's nothing like actually having to build a multi-block furnace where you can smelt stuff (from metals to stone) after which you can pour them into casts.
    • IndustrialCraft - You can start with an iron furnace (add metal plates to a regular furnace so that it'll stay hot for longer periods of time) and work your way up to building windmills, nuclear reactors and other kinds of technical machinery. Seriously addictive, especially in combination with TC.
    • Applied Energetics - You will find meteors to have dropped into the land and some contain strange plaques which contain strange information. It allows you to unlock a strange (alien?) technology which you can use to store your items, craft items and a whole lot more.
    I know, I know.... these were probably not the mods you were looking for, but they're still mods ;)
    Not very useful on the Empire though (I only use these in singleplayer) :)
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  15. Anyone know Orespawn?
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