Post an Obnoxious Lie about the Player Above.

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by cTJx, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Yixomua likes eating grasshoppers in their salads.
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  2. Yix doesn't know how to solve absolute value "and" inequalities! XD
  3. XD
  4. Foxy thinks that YouTube rewind 2018 was the best one!
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  5. Yosh watches all his 4k videos in black and white
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  6. Yix is such a baby he wears adult diapers.
  7. That wasn't a lie, this is Yix!
  9. The image didn't load.
  10. benny is just hiding the fact that the photo is actually them o-o
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  11. cTJx is a contribution team leader beacuse they mine in the wild
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  12. top_benny is just jealous he can't mine in the wild
  13. Foxy_Kitty mines in the wild all the time, and has even started a group whose purpose is to convince other players that mining in the wild is a good idea :p
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  14. CarFryer uses heat in the summer and air conditioning in the winter.

    You all need to be more original lol
  15. Yix is so bad at redstone he can't make a hopper dropper monostable circuit.
  16. Let's keep things family friendly in here folks. :)
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  17. Elfin loves the pen pineapple song.
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  18. Jarri make slime videos on youtube
  19. Yosh likes yoshi
  20. top_benny thinks food falls out of the sky.
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