Popular Minecraft YouTubers?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Hey Everyone... I need your help! I have a confession.

    I am not a youtuber. I do not know anything about who the popular kids are other than that sky kid and captain sparkles.

    I am looking for suggestions on some big you tube users for Minecraft that happen to do Server advert type videos.

    Please list them here a long with a link to info on their pricing/requirements if you know it, thanks!

    I am looking to pay some to do some videos on EMC, to bring us more players :)
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  2. Dang it, too bad Mumbo Jumbo doens't do it, that would be awesome, maybe try to find a Hermitcrafter or Mindcracker, there should be a list of all the people on there with YouTube accounts.

    I'll shoot a tweet to MumboJumbo, see if that'll help... :p
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  3. Just, any popular Minecraft youtuber that has adverts for servers?
    I think Vareide did a few trailers
    Rusplaying and ElementAnimation do animations if that helps as all, but I don't think ElementAnimation does commisions of any type

    Not a big fan of Sky? :p
  4. Team Vareide has disbanded.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone that does this type of thing, however I know from somewhere that YouTuber's don't come cheap. You really want to advertise EMC then you'll have to pay out a couple hundreds/thousands.

    Actually, I have one suggestion stay away from woodysgamertag. I think their advertising motto is 'If the moneys there, we don't care'
  6. We all know Aikar's opinion on sky! :p

    Dat Sig...
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  7. Hopefully when I get a good job, I will get fraps and start Youtubing.

    Other than that, not sure if ParagonNova or the Yogscast advertise servers. Swimmingbird941 MIGHT do something, not completely sure.
  8. lol, nova is always asking for advertisers. I am not sure though if he would do minecraft servers and I can't imagine it being cheap if he does.
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  9. Would love him to advertise. Though, not sure he would play on EMC that much.
  10. There's a few I can think of that either do/I could imagine doing a server advert. Most have "business" emails in their about tabs, but some you would have to message/use Twitter. A couple are larger than you'd probably be looking at:
    There's also Woodysgamertag's PKA podcast, although as you said a while ago you're not keen on that because of the viewer base. I should also add that a couple of people on this list have some "mature" videos, with some content we wouldn't want their viewers bringing to EMC. :)
  11. I really want to maximize return on investments (ROI, for you all to learn business terms!) so would prefer channels tailored towards minecraft things, as while a non MC thing like the PKA might get some traffic, it does no good if the person isn't interested in minecraft at all.

    Were able to spend 1000 if needed (though not this month... I've got so much advertising running now might be tight this month! Just opened another flood gate today)
  12. Ijevin


    Achievement hunter, but they do xbox version

    Achievement hunter gets over a million views per episode and they do many games besides minecraft

    And they are part of rooster teeth witch is very popular
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  13. I know chimneyswift does some stuff on servers, but from what we have already listed, I don't know any others
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  14. Oh where at?
  15. Right by the res 4005 on smp2 I think :p
  16. Reddit?
  17. Honestly I think the little lets play emc that people from the server sometimes does get attention, the gaming group I'm in SEG is getting a little good group going and we have a rep because we have some big names, so right now I would hold back on youtubers for a bit. Until you see a decrease in numbers
  18. He said today :p
  19. You'll be the luckiest man alive to get a big you tuber to do that. I know PewDiePie charges over $10,000 for a single video.
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  20. Paid Search Ads on Google Search and as Advertisement on other websites (Called Display)
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