[Poll] What is your LEAST favorite custom mob?

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What is your LEAST favorite custom mob?

Poll closed Dec 30, 2015.
Momentus 3 vote(s) 6.0%
Marlix 30 vote(s) 60.0%
Enraged creeper 4 vote(s) 8.0%
Enraged skeleton 5 vote(s) 10.0%
Enraged zombies 1 vote(s) 2.0%
Nether hounds 7 vote(s) 14.0%
  1. Hi gang,

    A few months ago I did a poll on our favorite custom mobs which showed that Momentus was a big favorite amongst us. Now it is time for the second part. A little later than planned, but better late than never I guess.

    Which is your least favorite custom mob right now? Which mob makes you take a small detour and gets you to make up excuses to your friends for not helping them fight it?

    "Oh, a mini boss spawned? Cool, yeah. uhm.. sorry, I just realized! I got homework to do. Yeah, teacher is making us count all the Minecraft blocks we got so I'll be stuck on my res. for a while.. what a bummer :(" (thinks: yaaaay, they bought it! :D).

    As before it'll run for a week.

    And for our new(er) players who may not be familiar with the custom mobs yet I'll add a re-run of the monster summary from my last post:

    Momentus (see here)

    A giant zombie which watches the wilderness for any signs of trouble. If you get this baddy upset then he'll call out his army of zombie guardians who will do their best to fry you so that Momentus can then eat you :)

    Marlix (see here)

    After seeing Momentus getting attacked by a horde of players time and time again a skeleton suddenly came up with an ingenious idea: enchant a bat with power XLII so that it is powerful enough to ride, learn how to keep your balance and then practice shooting. The result is Marlix. And in cases players do get too close then one call to the Enraged Guardian hotline is all this flying menace needs...

    Enraged creeper (see here)

    A creeper goes sizzle => b00m! An enraged creeper has had it with players and goes b00m, b00m, b00m, b00m, b00m, b00m! Long enough to make sure that you're dead and all your precious dropped items get utterly destroyed. Got the idea yet? No? B00m!

    Enraged skeleton (see here)

    These guys have really had it with us and all the other mobs which start to make a tantrum whenever they get accidentally shot. They tunneled their rage into a firey shield which helps them fight off most of our attacks. Oh, and they also read "Sniping for Dummies" ten times in a row. These guys are not to be messed with and don't need creepers to back them up.

    Enraged zombies (see here)

    What these guys lack in intelligence (just like any other zombie actually) they make up for with brute force. They can outrun you when you're down on food, and they can deal some pretty heavy punches when they're up close and personal. And yes, these guys haven't read about the hazards of public smoking so they have no issues with setting you on fire as well.

    Nether hounds (see here)

    Do you enjoy long walks with your dog(s)? Well, you might change your mind once you ran into a pack of these vicious monsters. When they see you enter their territory then there's no escape: either you kill all of them or they hunt you down to kill and eat you. And in the unlikely event that you manage do outdo them then one howl for assistance is all they need to summon their brethren.

    So yeah... And in case you wonder why anyone would actually take on these monsters then the answer is simple: a chance for some pretty good rewards.

    So... what is your least favorite?


    This poll does not include Blizz because although he is a custom mob. he's also a seasonal mob. which doesn't appear all the time.
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  2. No one! I will ride at the Mob on my Steed and slay the beast(s)!:cool:
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  3. Well, let's say Momentus, actually... the drawing you in can get annoying, and it's so big... I like all of them, though, but I prefer the fights on equal foot, if you know what I mean.
  4. Well, it wasn't in the list, but this year I refused to hunt Super Turkeys... just due to their sheer amounts of health I just... didn't. As for the list, I would guess my least favorite is Marlix, just cause the fights also last a bit longer than the Momentus.
  5. What??? Super turkeys is life! I actually found one recently after the reset :p
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  6. I picked Marlix, I like the concept, but he is a real pain to hit w/ a bow for me. Especially when a bunch of his goons keep hitting you just as you are about to let one fly!

    Off topic a bit: Where should I report something to the contribution team? While looking at the Wiki pages I noticed the enraged creeper has Golden Apple listed as both common & rare drop. I believe the rare is an Enchanted Golden Apple, not positive. If not, the same item can't be both rare & common.
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  7. nether hounds. i also dont like marlix but he doesnt attack u if u dont want. but those hellhounds... always when i got good loot they run up and kill me ^.^
  8. I fought my first Marlix this week and most of the time it seemed he was outside of visible range bombing me with Guardians. I would see him and head towards him but had little hope of getting any decent shots at him unless I ignored the Guardians he kept dropping on my head.

    I finally quit in frustration and went back to Town in order to save my armor. Luckily a friend was on and we went back which made it easier for at least one of us to be able to have a shot at him.

    The drops were better than a poke in the eye, but weren't enough to encourage me to go after the Marlix I saw last night. I stood looking at him as he danced around way off in the distance shooting arrows at me, then as it says in the OP, I made a detour.

    It would probably work better if he were to stay closer while fighting or maybe move slower when far away. Ghasts shoot from out of visual range and it is annoying, but they do not flap around like a decapitated chicken so I at least have a chance at hitting them or getting closer when they are far away. Not everyone plays on a beast machine so after a certain distance he can see me but I can't see him. Also, I am not sure whether latency applies, but some measure of it is guaranteed so I am probably shooting behind him most of the time.

    Maybe he has to come within a closer range and stop moving to summon Guardians. Or at least have the Guardians be worth something more than bones and arrows. Who cares about the farmers if he can be made sufferable for the rest of us?
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  9. Marlix = Annoying. :p 'Nuff said.
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  10. Marlix is definitely my least favorite can't stand him!
  11. Marlix = Fun and not overpowered. People don't like him because he's hard to track and hit for fire arrows.
    Momentus = Death machine. Pulling players in to die almost instantly is just too overpowered. Losing all your stuff over and over is not fun at all and not worth the effort for anything he drops.
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  12. Marlix needs more love... least favorite is the Enraged Skeleton... or skeletons in general.
  13. When you're swimming to shore and an enraged skeleton refuses to let you get by...
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  14. I really hate marlixes.. I have never killed one on my own and they spawn everywhere when people don't kill them. You just want to kill a blizz and a marlix constantly kills you with his slaves because he's too lazy to do it himself.
  15. Marlix. They are so annoying. When I pass my farms, they always spawn and kill me, wasting my time and durability. :/