[Poll] What is your favorite custom mob?

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What is your favorite custom mob?

Poll closed Oct 14, 2015.
Momentus 8 vote(s) 47.1%
Marlix 4 vote(s) 23.5%
Enraged creeper 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Enraged skeleton 1 vote(s) 5.9%
Enraged zombies 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Nether hounds 4 vote(s) 23.5%
  1. Hi gang!

    Haloween is closing upon us and even though we don't really celebrate this in the Netherlands I do know it's the season of ghosts and ghouls and scaring people. The monsters will rise from their graves, mwua ha ha haa!

    Errr, right.. Monsters.. So what is your favorite custom Empire mob? You got 1 week...

    And be warned: this poll is 1st in a series of 2. Next week I'll start a poll to ask for the opposite: then you can share which mob you absolutely hate and would rather see take off soon as possible.

    Now, we also have a lot of new players join us over the past weeks so for those who are not yet familiar with all these mobs I'll share a quick personal impression of them (with a link to the wiki page with the official description, no worries).

    Momentus (see here)

    A giant zombie which watches the wilderness for any signs of trouble. If you get this baddy upset then he'll call out his army of zombie guardians who will do their best to fry you so that Momentus can then eat you :)

    Marlix (see here)

    After seeing Momentus getting attacked by a horde of players time and time again a skeleton suddenly came up with an ingenious idea: enchant a bat with power XLII so that it is powerful enough to ride, learn how to keep your balance and then practice shooting. The result is Marlix. And in cases players do get too close then one call to the Enraged Guardian hotline is all this flying menace needs...

    Enraged creeper (see here)

    A creeper goes sizzle => b00m! An enraged creeper has had it with players and goes b00m, b00m, b00m, b00m, b00m, b00m! Long enough to make sure that you're dead and all your precious dropped items get utterly destroyed. Got the idea yet? No? B00m!

    Enraged skeleton (see here)

    These guys have really had it with us and all the other mobs which start to make a tantrum whenever they get accidentally shot. They tunneled their rage into a firey shield which helps them fight off most of our attacks. Oh, and they also read "Sniping for Dummies" ten times in a row. These guys are not to be messed with and don't need creepers to back them up.

    Enraged zombies (see here)

    What these guys lack in intelligence (just like any other zombie actually) they make up for with brute force. They can outrun you when you're down on food, and they can deal some pretty heavy punches when they're up close and personal. And yes, these guys haven't read about the hazards of public smoking so they have no issues with setting you on fire as well.

    Nether hounds (see here)

    Do you enjoy long walks with your dog(s)? Well, you might change your mind once you ran into a pack of these vicious monsters. When they see you enter their territory then there's no escape: either you kill all of them or they hunt you down to kill and eat you. And in the unlikely event that you manage do outdo them then one howl for assistance is all they need to summon their brethren.

    So yeah... And in case you wonder why anyone would actually take on these monsters then the answer is simple: a chance for some pretty good rewards.

    Which is your favorite guys?
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  2. I think Marlix certainly needs a nerf. I may just suck but the only way I can really defeat it is to corner it in a cave.
  3. Marlix got a buff recently because she was too weak, haha.
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  4. Marlix is a female? :confused:
  5. It's debatable. There's no correct answer. I believe Marlix is female and Momentus is male, however.
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  7. Not really what you know, just what he assumes, neither have really had their genders released ;)
    Is there any reason for this or just an assumption? :p
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  8. There was a thread about this a while back, and I believe one of the points was that the -ix ending is female in a certain language... might have that all mixed up, though. :p
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  9. Ooh quite possibly, probably some old Latin or Greek or something... No idea myself though :p