[POLL] Make villager eggs spawn baby villagers

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Should villager eggs spawn baby villagers?

Yes 12 vote(s) 20.0%
No 48 vote(s) 80.0%
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  1. If breeding were easier I could agree with eggs spawning babies out of a desire to be consistent. I think changing it like this would make those few who currently tolerate it give up because it's simply too much hassle.
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  2. I can see what you mean, but in my opinion, it's currently less hassle than getting some of the materials the original way (as I said before, in a rather less concise way, haha). This seems a pity to me, as it would be nice to have the incentive to do it the more fun way rather than the boring trading way.
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  3. Breeding isn't that hard really. Sure it's a bit harder than with animals, but that's not a bad thing, and it's exactly how Notch and Jeb designed it, for good reason. As I keep pointing out in the suggestion thread linked above, mushrooms are harder to farm than wheat, but that's okay; diamond is harder to find than coal, but that's okay; but suggest that villagers should be harder to breed than cows and everybody loses their mind.
  4. They already are harder to breed. If you can breed them faster than cows, there are a lot of people who would like to get a look at your breeder.
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  5. Yes, they're a little harder to breed, but not that much harder -- but nobody has to actually breed them, because you only need a stack of eggs and then you can just spam egg-trade-stick to keep respawning new adults with different trade options. That's not possible in regular Minecraft, and it's only possible on EMC because they forgot to make villager eggs act like every other egg and spawn babies. I'm proposing we correct that mistake so that villagers work as intended and people can't cheese them for trades so easily.
  6. You do realize that you can get up to 20 mushrooms from using bonemeal on one, right? From the point in time of which this server changed anything from vanilla, it wasnt Notch's or Jeb's game anymore, it was ours. Anyone who has modded any game knows that once a game is modified, what the original creators intended doesnt matter anymore.
  7. Bravo! Well said!
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  8. If i have to wait to wait 20min to see if a trade is worthless (over 78% of the time its a worthless trade i.m.o) I may just quit EMC.
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  9. I'm sorry but in what world this be done i mean these types of threads are normalymade by people who get mad because they dont have the know how or time to do this on large scale to make it profitable

    Why make life more miserable for the people that do.
  10. I'm disappointed in how many people on this server are fans of easy mode. If you don't want to spend the normal Minecraft amount of time and effort to get things, why don't we just go ahead and sell diamonds in the empire shop for 1r? People exploiting this lame villager bug has caused the price of rare and powerful enchantments to go through the floor -- why do you think that's a good thing? Shouldn't rare things be rare?
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  11. Aww Joe. :(. You were the first person I thought of after seeing the original thread. I don't wanna see you go!
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  12. Actually, I suggested this because I do have the know-how to build a large, efficient villager breeder/cycler trading station. And then I realized there was no point to doing that on EMC because of this bug that everybody else just exploits to stand and chuck eggs for an hour straight to get whatever trade they want, without having to actually design and build anything. So really your argument is backwards -- it is the lazy people who don't want to build actual villager farms that are opposed to this change, because they like exploiting the egg bug instead. It is people who do want to put the effort into building large, efficient operations who should like this change, because it will make that effort mean something instead of being cheapened by the lazy people with their egg spam.
  13. Enchantment books arent cheap, the tool enchanting trades arent all that great, and enchanting bottles arent that great of a way to get XP either. The enchanting business was ruined by the 1.3.1 update, specifically the lvl 30 = tops update.
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  14. If you really want baby villagers that badly, just spawn them on an already-existing fully grown villager and have fun waiting for 15 minutes. It's not really a problem unless you make it everyone else's, so you should just try to make it "Vanilla" with a few tricks here and there.
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  15. oh and look every single person who supports this is a supporter, must be nice having that extra res to do specifically this on, regular members are not so lucky. hmmm should i keep my cow farm or waste hours throwing villager eggs trying to get a glowstone trade, guess ill just trade leather instead
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  16. ...you realize that I am only an iron supporter with one res just like anybody else, while all you folks up in arms over this are diamond and gold supporters? Your argument looks backwards to me.
  17. 1. alot of normal members do not peruse the forums quite as much as the gold and diamonds so i am proxying defending them
    2. i thought iron supporters got a res, my mistake for being new and going diamond as soon as i joined

    also very convenient that you ignored the rest of the post i guess its okay for people with extra reses to use this "exploit" (since you call emc mechanics an exploit so will i)
  18. But hey, we have GameKribJim voting No. He's green. Hmm.
  19. I honestly see no point in this argument, seems to have gone off trail fairly violently. There is a way to spawn baby villagers, guys, I don't see why or how supporter perks are fitting into this discussion. Plus, you can fit a heck of a lot in one residence, and I mean a lot. Know how to conserve space and you could fit shops and farms all on one res. My second one's got a shrine, shop, storage, trader, things here and there, and I still have ~30 levels underground to fit things in, and +200 above, and much to fill in around the already existing structures. Everyone's fortunate, and just because you don't have four residences doesn't mean you have to get up in a fit over it, and just because we may have four residences doesn't mean that we're ungrateful.
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