make villager eggs spawn children

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  1. The ability to egg animals in town for free is necessary on EMC, and the ability to trade with villagers is a core part of Minecraft that shouldn't be removed either, but the combination of the two makes some things just way too easy. I think villager spawn eggs should produce villagers as children rather than adults, just like animal spawn eggs do, so that you can't just stand and spam spawn-check-egg-spawn-check-egg for hours to get whatever trade you want any time you want.

    That way, if you want to do villager trading the EMC-enabled-quasi-cheating way and just keep spawning and egging them, you have to wait 20 minutes each time for the villager to grow up. If you want to have a more efficient, higher-throughput villager trading operation, you'll have to put in the effort to build a proper breeder/cycler. Either way, the effort-to-reward would be in better balance than it is now, where everything that villagers offer is dirt cheap because anybody can get the trade with no effort.
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  2. No, the entity count is to low to allow for villager breeders and/or waiting 20 minutes for some villagers to grow up.

    If you want baby villagers just use a villager egg on an adult villager.
  3. What Josh said. If you lay a villager egg where a villager is standing, it will spawn a child.
  4. No, I think you're missing the point -- it's not that I want baby villagers for some reason, it's that being able to spawn/trade/eggify adult villagers over and over and over to get specific trades is bad for the game, because it trivializes the gathering of any resource that villagers offer by trade.

    Build a giant wheat farm, spam eggs to get wheat:emerald trades, spam eggs again to get diamond armor, diamond tools, the best enchants, all the glass and glowstone and XP bottles you'll ever need, all without even going into the wild once. That's silly, and it's not possible in vanilla minecraft for very good reason; it's only possible on EMC because of the need to be able to eggify to keep entity counts down, but that means players can exploit it for way-too-easy villager trading.

    To me, that's a problem that should be fixed, and one super easy way to fix it is to make spawn eggs produce children just like animal spawn eggs do, so you can't spam this process nonstop with no effort and no risk. Another way to fix it would be to de-randomize the trades offered by spawned villagers, so if you eggify-respawn you get the same trade as last time, but that would probably be a lot more work, which is why I suggested this change instead. Simply, easy, effective.
  5. The game is designed to spawn adult villagers. I don't think they want to waste time changing it.
  6. Yes, what Curundu and Josh said is correct. You can do it the hard way if you really want to.
  7. Oh I didn't miss your point. I just ignored it. :cool:

    It is still alot of work, in my opinion, tedious work, to spawn and despawn villagers to get the trade you want.
  8. It's a long enough process already to get enchantment bottles (Many hours to even get a sugarcane farm running)
  9. It is. I spent four hours doing a res wide sugarcane farm for ninja boy.
  10. And yet, you can build wheat and sugarcane farms in vanilla as well, but you still don't get to make villagers change their trades on a whim. Notch/Jeb could have done that, but they didn't, and in fact they've been going in the opposite direction by having villager trades expire so you can't just get one villager with a great trade and then use him forever.

    On EMC we've subverted that by allowing people to get new villager trades with zero effort, and if you can build a wheat/sugarcane farm, why can't you build a villager breeder? I think everyone has just gotten used to getting villager trades the easy/cheap way and don't want to give that up, and I get that, but if you want everything for free why not just play on a creative server? EMC is survival, you're supposed to have to go into the wild and spend some time and effort and risk to get diamonds etc. Exploiting the villager eggs in town is cheap and IMHO should be stopped.
  11. We can't build a villager breeder because the entity count simply doesn't allow for it.
  12. Honestly i'm sort of in agreement with this idea.

    Eggifying does cheat vanilla mechanics a lot here...
    While were not focused on economy, contrary to popular belief, I don't want it negatively impacted where we can easily fix it.

    Also, it was an EMC change to make animals be babies on spawn DUE to eggifying cheaping things a bit, and we simply didn't think to add villagers when they were added to the game...

    Just think, if animals were spawning as adult, you could breed 2, egg them, replace them, breed again, and really cheaply spam breed animals.

    That is pretty much the same cheap mechanics here with villagers, you shouldn't be able to use eggifying to get around game mechanics...

    I will take care of this potentially tonight.
  13. I don't think this is true; you can have 100 entities on a regular town residence, which means you could have 66 breeder villagers and get 33 new children every, what, 5 minutes? That's plenty. You just have to go to the effort to design and build it, which is the whole point of Minecraft, isn't it?
  14. Can I request we increase the entitycounter to combat this? I currently cannot create a functional or high speed villager breeding centre due to the low cap, the fact you can eggify villagers has always been seen as a way to combat this issue.
  15. Thinking about it, I have 30 stacks of enchantment bottles, They will skryrocket making me huge profits, I support this change.
  16. Again, can you explain why 100 entities is enough to farm animals, but not enough to farm villagers? Sure, you can't have a huge stock of every type of animal and villagers at the same time, but thems the breaks. If you need to breed villagers, eggify your animals, plop down a stack of villager eggs, and scoop up the +32 villagers in a few minutes time. Rinse, repeat, what's the problem?
  17. There is only one type of ever other animal, There's 100's upon 100's of different trades from villagers, there's a very slim chance you'll have the one you want.
  18. because if you kill baby whatevers, you get drops. villagers you kill/eggy give you nothing
  19. also breeding villagers is not the same as animals, breeding takes time, whereas animals you can just feed them
  20. But they don't. And we can't. Villagers breed outside of direct player interaction.
    And those who have been doing so, as Joshposh makes clear, will have an advantage over those who have not.
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