[ Poll ] Is Cheerleading a Sport?

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Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Yes 38 vote(s) 44.7%
No 47 vote(s) 55.3%
  1. So tomijo95 and I have been going back and forth explaining why cheerleading is or isn't a sport. I believe it's not a sport and she insists it is :p

    Her Reasoning:
    • There are competitions between cheer leading squads for a championship.
    • The pro's are DCC (Dallas Cowboys Cheer leading) and DBC (Denver Broncos Cheer leading)
    My Reasoning:
    • It's more of a hobby
    • In sports there are professionals, I've never heard of MLC (Major League Cheer leading)
    Vote today to get absolutely nothing! :D
  2. Yes and no.

    High school gymnastics and some professional people have the job of looking pretty and yelling, but there are more professional types. Cheerleading is more like quardinated gymnastics past a certain level. Once you get into competitive Cheerleading, it is more than short skirts and pompoms.
  3. Deathconn it is too a sport. Ever heard of WORLDS ya look it up. That proves its a major sports. Ever heard of allstar cheerleading thats most the major leagues of cheer.
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  4. Im gonna side with conn because, well... hes a koala for crying out loud!
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  5. A sport has a specific league, from my knowledge there are only tournaments. I've heard cheer leading squads being ranked and everything, but I believe those rankings have to do with the positioning of partaken tournaments.

    Actual sports:
    • Baseball
    • Futbol (soccer)
    • Football
    • Cricket
    • Tennis
    • Basketball
    • Lacrosse
    • Water Polo
    • NOT Cheer leading :p
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  6. Couldn't finish that thought? :p

    Also, like Olaf said (wait... you're here!) there are two "types" and one I consider a sport and one I don't. Google says the definition of a sport is:
    Now to analyze that:

    an activity involving physical exertion and skill... -- It does require physical exertion and skill (balance, coordination, etc) so *check*

    ...in which an individual or team... -- Cheerleading teams, or "squads" in my school, are definitely present. *check* #2

    ...competes against another or others for entertainment. --There are definitely competitions. The definition states "entertainment." This covers both types of cheerleading - competitive and noncompetitive.

    You still could make the argument that there are two distinct types, but since cheerleaders do compete (even to an extent) it's considered a sport.
  7. Gaming*

    Optic played at the X Games.... xD
  8. New thread: is gaming a sport?
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  9. Well, I see it as something to go with sports, but not exactly a sport itself. There are no rules, and the DCC and the DBC both are for their respective football teams.
  10. But i like pink!!!
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  11. Olaf nailed it, both apply. Technically in this case you'd be wrong, since you're trying to argue flat-out that it isn't. In fact,
    your own counter-reasoning falls apart at the first step, since fishing is also a sport in some instances.
    As for cheerleading, it's actually called the UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association).
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  12. All star cheer is the major league of cheerleading. Worlds in the finally of sports. kinda like the super bowl for football. and last time i check there the major and miner league of base ball so boo ya to the comment of there different levels of cheer.
  13. Dont for get NCA and AllStar Cheer (witch involves Worlds)
  14. Of the UCA and NCA and AllStar cheer the are all part of a big organization called VARSITY. Yes i can talk about my sport and no a load of ton about it i come prepared with out having to look it up why because I've been in it and i know all about cheer and all its hard work trust me far from the side line when it come to competition its dedication and hard work try it out before you try to discard it as a sport.
  15. Pink Koala!
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  16. Sure i can do that if i have too.
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  17. Easy...I never said one didn't have to work hard to be a cheerleader. Frankly, I wouldn't be able to do 1/100th of cheer leading. Sure it takes dedication and hard work, but so does school and work. I'm not discarding it as a sport, I just wouldn't put it in a category of sports.
  18. Also, this is how I see your reasoning ( friendly joke ) :p

  19. Go do cheerleading then come back and tell me how you feel.
  20. Those who don't think its not a sport GO DO CHEERLEADING come back and then come tell me your dissension.
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