[POLL] Facebook Live?

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Would you watch EMC Facebook Live?

Yes 42 vote(s) 48.8%
No 44 vote(s) 51.2%
  1. I know that there are other stream services available, but this is NOT about them.

    If I hosted something on EMC Facebook Live, would you watch/participate?
    For example, rolling the dice in the Lucky in Love giveaway tonight. If the rolling was being shown on Facebook live, would you watch it? Or something like new promo announcements in an irl setting?

    Just curious is all.
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  2. Exciting!

    I like the idea and would definitely participate if I was available this evening.
  3. would we have to log in into facebook to watch it?
  4. Sounds interesting, I would join :)
  5. I would If i am Around :)
  6. I would! As long as I don't have to sign up for Facebook. Don't much care for Facebook.
    It sounds like a cool idea any how.:D
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  7. I don't have Facebook, but I do feel that the majority of people watching would have it.
  8. Definitely would as long as I wasn't required to log in and all that.
  9. From what I see, you wouldn't have to have an account to see the video. Only to post I think.
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  10. If there's no login that would be so convenient, then many people can watch with only a click. I would support that.
  11. probably, specially if your roomate is in the background
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  12. If it is that way, then Ill for sure watch it :)
  13. I'd watch it on Twitch.
  14. Moose or shao? =P

    The only thing in my background is my Doctor Who poster.
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  15. I think so. If I had no other resource to watch something on and the only thing I had was facebook god forbid, then I would watch it.

    The perfect time to do this, is the dice rolling tonight.
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  16. I would say that you need to vote no then. This is judging the interest in Facebook live. And you obviously do not seem very interested.
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  17. I’m in sounds cool
  18. I personally do not use facebook, but if i did then yes i would watch :p
  19. Feel like youtube live would be so much easier to use. Up to Yall but i'd prefer youtube :)
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  20. Thanks for the insight. This poll is looking to help me decide what is used and what isn't so this kind of information is great. I do prefer to keep to the more simple items. I know that Jack has done a fantastic job of having these extremely detailed broadcasts and streaming with all of these amazing tools, but I'm simply not that technically minded and it's not going to be the same for mine. Looking for information about what might be feasible given limited technical knowledge I came across Facebook live as an option, as well as YouTube live. We will have to see.
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