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YES - The server should intervene to improve the state of the economy 43 vote(s) 75.4%
NO - Everything is fine and no intervention is required - as close to vanilla as possible 8 vote(s) 14.0%
YES - I support the server buying certain non-farmable items 42 vote(s) 73.7%
NO - I do not support the server buying certain non-farmable items 7 vote(s) 12.3%
YES - The server may nerf bartering to help the economy of those items 20 vote(s) 35.1%
NO - Leave bartering mechanics alone 23 vote(s) 40.4%
YES - I enjoy occasional collectible only items 43 vote(s) 75.4%
NO - Every item must have a use or aesthetic benefit 8 vote(s) 14.0%
YES - Nerf enraged at difficulty 5 to be a similar challenge to vanilla mobs 12 vote(s) 21.1%
NO - Enraged at difficulty 5 is fine currently (with exceptions) 27 vote(s) 47.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I know this shop world update theory was proposed once a couple years ago. I am racking my brain trying to find it, because I think linking it might be helpful. I know it got a Krysyy response, that I believe basically sounded like "someone make a list of blocks and prices and I'll consider it". If anyone finds it I'd love to reread it.
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  2. To start, I think EMC shop should have never been removed. It was the one thing that seemed to hold everying together. A last resort for some but also kept prices from dying like most items are now. Many of us pleaded for it's return and were turned down every time. Might be too late for it now anyways but who knows. At this point though, it's not the only reason. There's just not enough people buying or playing anymore really. The only real money that moves is buying vouchers to sell for rupees and promos. Most everything else is who can sell this for cheaper today.

    I think the shop coming back on it's own now might not do anything but adding on other ways for people to make money, could help. Doesn't need to be free money for all but ways to encourage actually playing. Mine this many blocks get, X amount. Higher you go the higher the rewards. Or something like daily challanges with low to high difficulty in exchange for rupees.

    It would be nice to get back to how it was but it will not be easy, that's for sure.

    And ya Enraged Ghasts lol The sole reason I keep spawns off :p

    EDIT: Just to add one more thing. This game is made with single player in mind, not at all for multiplayer so why they make things availible the way they do, it's for the people that play alone mostly. Have they ever done any changes with multiplayer in mind? Can't think of any personally.
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  3. i dont play much at all anymore since ive found other servers that i play on and enjoy that are much smaller, but i joined back in- oh wow, i joined literally 9 years ago today. so yeah i joined back in 2013, and i made a pretty big name for myself with my little shop "over at /v 18606 on smp9" - it was made of oak planks and it looked *terrible* but it was my little place. i even made bank on horses when those were first added by making a choose your own horse shop and stuff. i dont know how much i made, but i eventually made enough that i didnt really need to have my shop anymore, and so i basically wiped my res and made an aquarium since i didnt need money. i dont really see many of those little shops anymore, and if i do see them, they dont seem to be thriving as mine once did.
    but i digress. even though i dont play much anymore, i do see that the economy has been suffering, which is why i opened my "buy ancient debris here" shop, with Dras' help, since i had *truly so much money* and nothing to do with it. I wanted to give back my millions of rupees (mostly gotten by selling my old promos that ive had for so long) to the economy, since i knew other people needed it, and clearly my handouts (my original idea of just giving out rupees to new players, and then later buying supporter vouchers and giving them out to new players) were a bad idea and weren't working. i wanted to reward players for going out to mine ancient debris, since basically everyone normally just smelts and crafts it up and doesnt bother keeping the block.
    anyways, this is all just to say that while i dont play anymore really, i do think that having an empire store that buys items to guarantee that players have a place to sell might help
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  4. Is this what you are talking about?
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  5. Exactly that one. Thank you :)
  6. ok i’ve caught up in the thread..

    hot take:

    i’d like to point out how chicken is the only one of the 3 admins replying to everyone. that says a lot about him and how valuable and lucky EMC is to still have him— just imagine what EMC would be (or wouldnt be)… EMC has a lot of history and happy memories but its simply been neglected in many ways (with nothing to do with chicken, in fact he is the one that i’d argue is the man under the gigantic, ancient rock of EMC and it’s tattered community) and its been clear for sometime for many of us but its arguably more mainstream now.

    this being said, minecraft has obviously changed as a game and EMC has largely failed to keep up even the existing niche community engaged over the years. now i know someone is going to say “well faded, irl comes first and people’s interests change” and i have to say mind as well say “f it” EMC has died and is just a server slowly developing into nothingness. damn it, its been largely the inaction and failure of.. ahem individuals who shall not be named.. and yet nothing can be done cause there’s no transparency nor care in the world to change it around except chicken.

    my point is the issue is waaaaay larger than chicken and while his efforts are a great sight and exciting, its hard to keep hope and frankly ive been avoiding emc largely lately as the server is a literal shell of its former self.

    tl;dr - chicken is one of us and people need to cut him some slack - read the damn rant above

    theres a crap ton of more i have to say that im trying to not rant further about becuase no one will care or most likely see this lol
  7. Is anyone criticising chickeneer? I've read this thread over the past two days and have seen almost exclusively helpful advice. Answers to questions that chickeneer asked, and some questions in return... but no blaming of chickeneer, for sure.
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  8. We hear you, to be honest it feels like Chickeneer is the new owner of EMC, probably not just feels that way. Certainly apears to be on his own, even if he is not, I think Aikar silence and lack of visibility does not help the server.

    Perhaps Maxarias need to return :)
  9. Here is my suggestion on how to handle players selling items to the server to earn money.

    Things to keep in mind:
    1. Avoid items which can be easily afk-able
    2. Choose interesting items to sell, so that player is engaged in actually playing

    I would suggest a rotation based system, where a player can only sell those specific items during that day.
    -This would prevent creating farms, and would engage the player in different activities each day: Selection of 50-100 items to rotate on sell list.

    Quartz: 2 random items
    Iron: 3 random items
    Gold: 5 random items
    Diamond: 10 random items

    Prices would have variability, lets say you could sell Copper Ore for amounts between 5-15 rupees, and this amount is randomly selected at the beginning of the day.

    Should all players have the same item each day, probably not, but don't see an issue to create daily demand for everyone.

    For Diamond Supporters, and vote rewards, you can lock in on of your items with the specific price you rolled once a month for 2 whole weeks. This way these lock-items will be highly coveted, and supportership will hopefully increase and players can choose some sort of stable income for the 2-week timeframe. There could even be an option to sell the locker items for 100k tokens or so.


    Stone 10-15r/stack
    Smooth Stone 11-16r/stack
    Iron Ore 2-4r / unit
    Iron Chunks 1-2r / unit
    Netherite Scraps 100-300r / unit
    Enchanting Tables 100-300r /stack
    Sea Lanterns 100-300r / stack

    I'm not familiar with all the new farms and what is rare and what isn't, so take these prices with a grain of salt hehe

    So we have Tom who doesn't have a rank.
    They login and do /emcshop and they see 2 blocks available to be sold today, which are

    Stone: 11 rupees per stack
    Iron Ore: 4 rupees

    11r for stone, not the best roll, but he got the best roll for Iron Ore, so decides to go mining! and do the work in order earn a few thousand rupees

    Then there Sam who is an Iron supporter so they see
    Stone: 14r per stack
    Iron Ore: 2r
    Sea Lanterns: 250r / stack

    They also recently hit 100 vote bonus so they received a Locker-item which can lock a /emcshop trade for 2 whole weeks! Since they got incredibly lucky with the Sea Lantern at 250r per stack, they decide to lock it in. They are friends of Tim, so they went to the mine together and got stone and iron, but for the rest of the week Sam is going to be hunting and making Sea lanterns to take advantage of rolling a high rupee amount in one of the best items.

    Ehh this is my idea, seems complicated, but if you get the essence of the idea and give a lot of thought to the prices, I feel like it will definitely help EMC. Will it inflate the economy, probably, but once the transition period ends, I think the economy will be healthier overall and it could become one trivial feature of supportership swell :)

    Edit: Also a /quest system which rewards money is also another way for players to earn money. Could also work
  10. Those are some cool ideas.

    In general, this poll is something I hope to revisit in the fall after my current projects are out of the way.
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  11. This would handcuff new players as these would be easier for them to get vs. the more valuable items that are usually much harder to get. An easy fix is to still allow all items and include a sell limit; either daily, weekly, whatever. This way people can still get a bit of money but not handing out bags of it.
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  12. I didn't read everything so please forgive me if I am repeating someone. It used to be that with supporter you would get rupees. The removal of all those rupees in circulation certainly hasn't helped the economy. It was done back when the EULA was a big thing and some servers had gotten shut down. Currently I don't see that happening and there are a lot of servers that do much worse than give a few rupees and don't get shut down. Not sure if this is something we could revisit or not. I know it's a touchy subject. Just bringing this up, please don't shoot me.