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Do you believe that in the brink of disaster, new opportunities will appear?

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  1. Author's Note:

    During this difficult time, a lot of us have lost many things: time, money, and loved ones are the biggest losses. We may have lost, but we have also gained. In the brink of disaster, new opportunities will appear. For me, it is my passion to cook and bake. If quarantine never happened, then I may have not found my career path.

    I hope all of you reading this will choose to comment below what your biggest gain is from thistroubling time. What have you accomplished, won, bought, or gained since quarantine started?

    Below is a short acrostic poem I wrote to keep myself together and stay confident. I wanted to share it with you all. It's called: "You Can Change the World". Here we go!

    "You Can Change the World"

    Yelling at a protest for fair animal equality.
    Outside seeking a new solar system.
    Undercover spying on a corrupt deal.

    Charging very little on a diamond ring.
    Adjusting the plans for new prosthetic parts.
    Now looking at a new species.

    Cleaning garbage from the oceans.
    Healing the injured during wartime.
    Announcing the cost of a flying car.
    Nearly finishing the newly paved roads.
    Giving away your valuable collection.
    Excavating a new historical Egyptian tomb.

    Testing a new treatment for breast cancer.
    Helping the orphaned find good homes.
    Exhibiting effort to famously perform and sing.

    Working on ideas for a new voting system.
    Ordering troops to return home for a big raise.
    Researching a cure for Covid-19.
    Lowering taxes so citizens can pay bills.
    Developing a new type of artificial intelligence.

    I hope you liked it!
    Please remember to comment below what you've gained during quarantine.

    Stay strong, everyone!

    Thank you!
  2. I really love your poetic skills, it's really beautiful. Not only that, but you do speak the truth, and I hope that some of what you said could come true, it'd help a lot, especially some of my friends.

    As for me? I got to see a new perspective of how much others are suffering. Until COVID-19, I never got to see the full extent of "how good" things are for me, but once COVID-19 hit, my friends began suffering and told me of their hardships. I value this experience more than my losses (a couple include my family members) because I will be able to act on it and it shapes me as a person, as a whole. I can finally share their perspective rather than my own, so I can relate to them much more closely than before. :)
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  3. That was beautiful. That's an amazing gain. Sometimes, the most important things are not tangible, they are mental. I could not have said that better. I'm sorry for your loss and I'm happy for your discovery.
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  4. Fantastic poem! I wish I could word my thoughts as well as Joy did

    As for what I've gained during quarantine... there's so much. When the pandemic begun and quarantine was put into place, I started learning about music production. Since then I've been expanding my musical knowledge and producing various kinds of songs, just having a ton of fun. That is definitely the biggest thing I've gained from quarantine, and it's something I will stick with for a long time. It's just so much fun to make music.

    Something else I've gained, like Joy mentioned, was a new perspective on the world. Not just the world, but the universe as is. While watching movies in preparation for my sci-fi movie list (which I've still yet to post whoops), my curiosity peaked. I've learned about philosophy, relativity, morality, and so many other fascinating concepts that go beyond our Earthcentric scope. It's been some kind of gain I guess.

    Another awesome thing is my opportunities on EMC. I was able to put a lot of focus into my projects and into the YouTube side of things. I was also able to make Stream Team, which has given me amazing opportunities I never expected to have when I joined this server. Even though I'm quite busy now with university, it's still a ton of fun to work on these projects when I get the chance.

    Either way, I like the optimistic look on the positives we've gained from this crazy time! Hopefully many others have seen great opportunities as well
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  5. I think you were able to put your thoughts into words just fine. I'm for you to have discovered a new passion and exceed in everything you do and love it. That's amazing.
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  6. Not going to lie I thought I was going to see this youtube link
  7. This poem is beautifully done. :)

    For me, quarantine has shifted how I process life and the world around me entirely. Though, this shift really began last year in August. Quarantine simply sped up the process pretty considerably. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in her life back in August, and gosh was I angry. I wanted to know why she had to deal with this, especially since shes already had to when I was younger. I started to really just hate everything. Every day was a battle. To make things worse, my aunt was also diagnosed with breast cancer for her second time in January. Then COVID came around. Things just felt like they were falling like dominoes. But... soon enough, I started to see myself changing and growing. I realized that life is so incredibly short and unpredictable. Things are going to happen that I have zero control over. Things will hurt. I can't stop it. All I can do is roll with the punches and take things one small step at a time. The change has certainly helped steady me out and focus on each day instead of worrying about every bad thing that could happen. I'm enjoying the small things in every day. :)

    ( And as for my mom and aunt, both have finished treatments and are cancer free now! Woo! )
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  8. Very well said. I'm glad your family is better. I agree with you that every moment is precious.
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  9. Well done. I'm not sure if I'd have noticed it was an acrostic if you hadn't said so and not made it so clear. Which is a good thing, because it means it's not so unnatural that it would make me wonder if something more was going on. ;) It seems like a good idea to turn it into an unordered numeration, which it seems to be.

    Did I gain something from this troubling time. Hm, maybe... I got closer to my housemates than I ever have been, despite two of them being new. This might be due to me having more social energy left because I don't get to spend it at many events outside of my house.
  10. Thanks, 607, for your great feedback!

    I'm glad you got something great out of quarantine as well. Connections and friends are wonderful subjects to gain! Great example!
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  11. That was a good real-world relevant poem.
    I've changed a lot since this new year (and decade) began, but it is mostly unrelated to the quarantine orders.

    I had no idea that the virus even existed until February. I saw it on morning news when I was at a hotel in my mother's hometown which is located in the U.S Central Daylight Timezone vs. the EDT zone I have lived in for my entire life.

    Days before my grandmother's death that month, she met with at least one of her sisters to see their mother in the hospital. Me and my extended family then gathered together for the funeral. Seeing where grandma's body was buried, I found that moment less tearful than when my grandfather died over 12 years ago. This mandatory vacation led me to a faithful encounter with my two youngest cousins in-person: a girl and her little brother I only knew about from Facebook posts.

    Stay-at-home orders began in March where I live. Combined with me struggling in a college physics course, I decided to drop out. Because it was the only class I was taking, this effectively started my Summer break 1-2 months early. I wanted to start my first real-world job this year, but I have no luck with the places I applied to. That is the one societal aspect that really bothers me about this ongoing pandemic...

    I am now retrying the Physics II I dropped last Spring. The class is in the building again, except everyone has to wear masks. This initially worried me; would they become a distraction in the learning environment? I first wore a black mask that also functions as a handkerchief. It kept falling off as I turned my head, so I secretly bought "A Hat in Time" themed facemask. This marks my first ever purchase of video game merchandise (I think)... I usually do not like to attract attention from what I am wearing IRL, specifically words or iconic images on a shirt. The mask works much better than what I had used previously, although the Physics material itself remains difficult to grasp.

    COVID-19 has not affected everyone equally. It affects extroverted, highly social people accustomed to in-person conversations far more than introverts or individuals who are more comfortable using the Internet to communicate.
    In the video game industry in-person conventions have been canceled and game releases delayed, but game sales and the popularity of online multiplayer games have risen significantly. "Animal Crossing New Horizons" happened to come out at a perfect time that led the Switch game to sell millions of copies insanely fast.
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  12. I frankly don't feel like this post fits in this thread very well, but at the same time, I'm rather glad you posted it anyway! It's good to hear from you again. :)
  13. That's a very interesting story. Those are some interesting facts. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, as you have made some very good points. I wish you luck and well in your physics class. Once again, thanks for sharing your experience. I bet a lot of people can relate to your situation about the hardships of family death. A lot of people have died due to Covid-19, and so I appreciate those people who openly share their experience. Because of this openness, I feel that a lot of people during this time can relate to each other through the experiences.
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