Please reset PARTS of the Frontier

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  1. Currently, the Frontier looks terrible:

    Now, personally I do not want to see the wilderness look like this. I propose that the Empire does a reset on most parts near the wilderness outposts. It looks terrible at the moment.

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  2. I love how the yellow rectangle is all perfect but the first step outside of it is all horrid :p
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  3. ikr
  4. all parts around the wilderness spawn tend to be griefed/wrecked and no buildings there are used really so yeah reset it :p
  5. Take the issue into your own hands if it bothers you, it's not up to the staff to do so. We have wastelands to get matierals now so it's not like people need the reset to get materials easier. If it is reset people will just mine it up again.
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  6. Obviously a player would 99% not handle this because it would take many DC's of sand in this case only for it, in time; to get wrecked anyways. It's not really about the resources a reset brings; it's about how it looks.
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  7. As seen in the picture, there is no more Reset Area, it must be a bug. The Frontier is meant to be beautiful, right now it looks like a load of crap. It needs a reset.

    How can we keep the Frontier beautiful if there is nothing to keep beautiful?

  8. It just seems silly to me, If you wonder out 100 blocks it's fine…
  9. If I remember correctly, there was a group of players trying to fix the wilderness, but not sure whether they are still active or ever even did anything
  10. Pretend you are a new player
    You go to the Frontier to start a base
    Oh look, it is destroyed
    Parkour to the other side
    Most likely will die with those pesky creepers and skeletons.
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  11. +1, what happened to the frontier being beautiful, safe haven for all of those who want to build things bigger than 60x60? With the increase of new players, resets need to happen more frequent than it has
  12. I'm in the group, and we are pretty inactive, but I still do carry materials around to do my job and fill in creeper holes.
    I agree with this completely. If us players replaced the sand, it would be gone within a week or even a day. If people want to dig out sand, they will just go and dig it out, no matter how it looks. You can get several stacks of sand by clearing out parts of deserts near spawn, it's just quick and easy.

    But even if this did get reset, what's to say the same won't happen again?
  13. Make a new boundary where people cannot build at, but can still kill monsters and such? They have to go far out into the Frontier anyways.
  14. This would just make it harder for everyone
    Say, you have a desert, full of sand. People are going to dig it out to get sand, no matter where it is. It'll get dug out eventually
    It's just like having a big diamond block and saying "Don't destroy this, it'll make the land look ugly"
    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea, but I just don't see much hope for it
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  15. why not travel further, also is there a limit on how far you can go like in the waste?
  16. *idea*
    in the periodic reset area, EVERY BLOCK that someone breaks or places gives an annoyingly big alert on the screen
    *To Harvest Materials, Go To The Wastelands!*
  17. I know you can travel further, because of outposts
  18. Yes...
  19. Why not travel further you say? Well 1st: The Frontier is supposed to be beautiful, not an eyesore. Second, I do not wish to do Parkour every time I want to go make a base.
  20. Well i have my base 25k from the outpost and i have no probems getting to my base,