Please Keep Events Open Longer

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  1. So I just had to spend the last three weeks on taxes and some major deadlines at work, so I couldn't come on to play Minecraft much at all. It's been pretty stressful and as it is I barely managed to achieve the deadlines and get my taxes in on time.

    It looks like I've completely missed the Steampunk Spring event.

    I understand some things I can't change in life and have to accept, but this doesn't seem like it should have to be one of them. Sure, I'd love to have gone on Minecraft instead. I just don't feel like the CRA or the customer at my work would understand or grant me any exceptions due to a Minecraft event.

    I can't think of any logical reason to close the event. Nothing else is yet occupying the space on /games... In fact, the teleport still exists at /games and just seems to be randomly broken.

    So I missed out and it sucks. I think it literally was open on Wednesday. So I missed it by less than 4 days. I know... First world problems. Just a game. But seems unnecessary.
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  2. Not necessarily longer, but also I have this perspective.

    the Built team, the past few years, I would argue have added one of the most value assets/features to EMC’s player time in recent years. And having them collect dust over in /games seems like a waste of a resource. A way to play them again would bring some use to those resources and effort taken by the everyone involved in creating them.

    Possibly, every weekend open up, or the last week of every month. Just so that it is still a bit rare. Ideally it would be an automated process, or just have them opened 24/7
  3. and if the rewards/promo are an issue, then that part can be removed, while the build can still be admired and enjoyed
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  4. i agree - if the event promo's aren't made available, i think it would be cool to have an extended of period of time where it can be still explored - perhaps like a general EMC repository of old event builds - this would be cool
  5. An old suggestion of having previous builds up on a schedule, perhaps out of season for the fun of it, has been brought up before. I do not recall the idea being addressed by staff as possible or not. Removing the promo sign at the end and just saying "the end" is enough. Even if was just a sign with the lore of what it was that could be gained.

    It is a real shame that EMC is not showing builds off to new players.
  6. I can't find the thread (now that I'm on a 2 minute window to search), but I remember addressing this elsewhere at some point.

    Tl;dr - very possible.
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