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  1. I need help fast. Something really bad happened to my friend's minecraft. It has a binary code violation. If you do not know what that is pretty much he can't play minecraft until it is fixed. I am asking anyone who knows how to fix it to please help me fast. Thanks
  2. Try PM'ing him for faster results
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  3. Have you tried reinstalling Minecraft? If you do reinstall make sure you backup your saves folder and screenshots.
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  4. Sure it's not an Access Violation? (Perhaps you mistook code 0xC0000005 for a binary code?)

    Though you'd likely get faster help if you drop the attitude.
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  5. His Minecraft account could be getting hacked.
  6. Listen, calling people noobs is a worse violation than your friend's Minecraft. Namely a violation of the rules:
    You could technically get reported and punished for that.
    Also, why should it be solved so 'quickly'? A broken Minecraft Client is not the end of the world.
  7. Just delete and re-install MC. It is a client issue. Do not blame Aikar. Check if there are any virus clients. A mod may be a virus. (Not a moderator.)
  8. Just Re-Install Minecraft it should work :D
  9. Noob should not be an insult. You should have thicker skin if you are insulted by that.

    Anyways, can you PM me the binary code, I'll take a look at it. :)
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  10. To him it is. Also I'm really sorry
  11. Can you send me the code via PM?
  12. It can be an insult even if you aren't insulted by it.

    Calling a person who doesn't know your language an idiot. It is an insult, but they aren't insulted by it for obvious reasons.

    Anyways, you haven't gave us feedback yet. Have you or haven't you uninstalled then installed it?
  13. Dang it I was over his house this morning I forgot to get it:(
  14. Very true but not very likely. Also after he played a server all of this stuff started to happen. The weird thing is that another person I know plays on it all the time without a single glitch.
  15. I have
  16. Take out the server name =P
  17. Just did
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  18. I just saw this thread:


    Have you tried updating his java?

    Most error codes are by not having java version up to date, and keeping older versions in the 'Programs and Features' section

    Some server jars and plugins are based on java versions or have imports based on versions (ie. java.util package, package...)

    Most people build off of Java 7 or Java 8 ... If your friend hasn't updated to the latest, it's most likely a java exception issue.


    Few things to note:

    If he's on a 64 system, make sure he has 64-bit java (the default on their web page is 32-bit)

    In launcher settings, make sure you don't set memory too high, as you can be getting an out-of-bounds exception.
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