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  1. I like your thinking but if your teacher has a feel for her work then I think she should ignore the results (no offense intended). There are two problems with this petition. First, and most obvious: you could also have used the time you spent on setting this up to... well... actually study ;)

    But most of all because this petition isn't exactly fair. I mean... You're asking me to sign it in order to postpone a test, but all I know is that you want it postponed. You didn't share any relevant information such as the amount of material you need to learn nor the time you got to prepare for it. So basically I can't determine if the given time is fair or not, all I have to go on is your opinion. Which, in my opinion, kinda invalidates the whole petition.

    But as said above: I do like your thinking :)
  2. My friends and I didn't have enough time to study so we decided to make a petition for fun, and I studied anyways it only basic genetics. It's worth a shot :p
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  3. Petitions can work.

    I once got my entire college class to sign a petition to give us 10 extra points on our final only if we all pass. She agreed and we all got 10 extra points. It was a US Government class so our teacher knew a lot about our rights and we thought it would be pretty fun to exercise the right to petition.
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  4. It worked :p
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  5. That is the most explicit clickbait I've seen in a while, I appreciate it :p
  6. I think this should be submitted as an example of biased scientific findings.
  7. I am tempted to sign it with a comment exclaiming that I was paid to do so lol.
  8. Imma share this on Facebook...
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  9. I love bums too.
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  10. The comments are hidden for me.:p
  11. You probably have to sign it maybe?
  12. Nope.
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  13. It just wasn't loading correctly for me.
  14. Wow thanks for 18 supporters guys :p