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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by copherfield, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    well i wanted to say, this griefing at wilderness it's huge, even epic on how big it is...
    i believe the biggest tool to find stuff to grief is the same tool that "helps" us. Yeah i'm talking about the livemaps.
    Well, it's easy to see constructions with this livemaps, and even easier to find areas to grief just by checking a player who is standing somewhere too long (yeah no one just sits and afk's at Wilderenss for too long, it will get him killed/kicked for idling) so, i was going to ask admins to help us with giving the "hide from livemap" tool to everyone, shure it is a supporter perk, but i believe they wont get mad with us if you admins give us a tool to get a bit more protected from griefers.

    Also, yeah i know what's written about "Your residence is only place safe to build" and yes i know that there is no logblock at wilderenss.

    So, please? :rolleyes:
  2. I completely agree with this, and I think it would be an absolute god-send if it went though. I've been killed in the wild many times before because people choose to look in live maps or somehow find out where I am. I remember once I had a large quantity of Iron and some Diamonds and somebody found me and put lava under me whilst hiding at night from creepers. I think things like this SHOULD get more attention, because people losing profit and wasting hard work so someone can find you so easily isn't a good thing in the least bit.
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  3. Should i remember that EMC is ran by Justinguy and his team of moderators admins... and if he says.. WILDERNESS is griefable and unless you bring screenshots of the"crime" we wont do anything...

    MAY THAT BE IT... like it or not...

    im pretty sure out of the 100+ posts about this issue... all have been responded the same way.. WHY TF you keep coming with it...

    it doesnt matter if u can hide... if im gonna grief you i'll grief your buildings (already viewable by dynmap".. unless you want dynmap to be taken out... wich is a total idiocity since live map is one of teh ebst perks there is out here... lol well just lol... keep dreaming of a "protected wilderness"
  4. you have a point.. lol.
  5. Well to be honest, its not just about griefing but its about where your location is and other people can find you and kill you. I really don't care if they grief my house in the wilderness... Hell if I care I have a residence in town but people do PvP in a non-PvP server which bugs me.
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  6. magic key "F2"

    use it or dont complain

    THAT example... i totally agree on baning/kicking punishing offenders

    yet... u want to /map hide?

    EMC wants you to support it with a mere $5 a month =)
  7. Well there are some of us who does not have a credit card. I'm disappointed such as you would disagree. I would gladly donate but in no way I have a credit card.
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  8. In fact i'd wish there could be different ways of donating/supporting teh server perhaps money orders, bank deposits etc... i bet there's a lot of players that have the cash but dont have a paypal account to support with...

    ALTHO paypal supports bank deposits to your OWN paypal account for further paments with it...
    so, i think its just a matter of "WILLINGNESS" to do it, plus a suggested "easier/diffrent/complement" way to support EMC

    *wink wink* Justin might wanna look at this =)

    Still my above agreement doesnt mean i agree with giving /map hide perks to non-donators or do somethign to make wilderness ungriefable" may it count on the record
  9. Because F2 is SOO going to help you when your AFK. =)
  10. if you go afk in the wilderness its all your fault....

    its like taking a nap on an about to be bombarded area while at war... WHY WOULD YOU?
  11. Its called a air raid shelter.
  12. /map hide is a Supporter-Only feature. You know why it is? Simple:

    Because you want it.

    It's an amazing tool for preventing somebody from finding you and causing harm to you, and like all great things it has a price. I don't think that 5 USD / month is that expensive, (It's less than 17 C a day.) and for the record you do not need a credit card to use Pay-Pal. I have no Credit Card, I was an Iron Supporter. I payed by linking it to my Bank Account, not that hard. A lot of people lead successful, grief-free lives in the Wilderness; only a fraction of them are supporters. It's all a matter of how good you are at discouraging grief.
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  13. Of course, if you give everyone /hide that means you also give it to the non-supporting Griefers making it even harder to identify who was or is in that area.

    It's a Supporter perk, one of the main reasons I got Iron in the first place.

    Not everyone has a stable or comfortable income, but $5 to a lot of people is nothing more than one less pint of beer a month, one less weekend of snacks and treats, one less 'request' from a Lady of the Night :D.

    I've got comfortable income, but I still say to myself on a night out; "Not having that next pint, that's EMC money."

    Also, people are asking about other ways to donate. Every other way starts to involve bigger charges and more administrative hassle. It's really, really not worth doing it any other way (postal orders, cheques, etc) unless you're a company raking in thousands every week.

    Don't forget, you can go to the shop and buy a pre-paid Credit Card which you could then use to buy your EMC subscription.
  14. Yes the whole point in becoming a supporter is to get perks and I think that supporters would be outraged to find that perks that they pay for are just being given away. I don't think it would be fair on supporter who pay. I rest my case.
  15. Or just bring the Wasteland back(No live map)
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  16. Live Maps are fairly crucial I think. Used properly they dramatically enhance the gameplay of MC in the Wild.

    This Dystopia server by the sounds of it wont have Live Map, which I agree with. Hardcore and all that gubbins.
  17. In all honesty, Yes, There is griefing in the wilderness. But the statement is still the same. The wilderness is the WILDERNESS. People are going to grief. Because in the wilderness, there really isn't any rules. If you put something up and expect someone not to mess with it/take it down/burn it down, or whatever it is you may think, You are mistaken.
    Some people do it out of spite, some out of need (like stealing food so they can survive) or some out of fun, etc. The main point is, Yes the live map is helpful, but if you make something that is so painfully obvious that it's a structure, start going underground, start making secret passages. Dig INTO mountains, instead of ontop.

    Also, I watch the live map sometimes, and i've had a few secret spots of my own ruined. But I highly doubt someone is sitting on the live map, watching you every move and recording with notes to see what they can steal. If it's important, Lock it up, or put it in your residence.

    I'm sorry for the loss, of whatever it may have been.
  18. Can you even get banned for griefing in the wild?
  19. And many griefer are equipped with xray. someone steal my cobble gen long time ago. from my underground base.
    It is completely hidden from live map. but still he dug straight into my gen. kill all the animal grief my wheat+melon+pumpkin farm. I just leave that base abandon now.
  20. Yes you can. If the victim have proof. screenshot
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