Pink Gift Box All SMP's and Staff Are Invited

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  1. Pink Gift Box whats that? You all ask.
    Well if any of you where around for Christmas I had a gift box for smp7.
    I had everyone make a list of what they wanted for Christmas.
    Well since tomi going a little crazy lately, and the Christmas gift box was a success I decided that I create a pink gift box.
    Its open and available to all SMP's and staff.
    What do we do? You all ask. We'll I'm gonna tell you.
    Step 1. Go to SMP7 time /v tomijo95
    Step 2. Go to the Pink Gift Box hut.
    Step 3. Tell me tomijo95 what is your desire gift from emc in a book and quill. (I'll try to get it for you)
    note: Please don't ask for supporter vouchers I'm not rich IRL or in game sorry.
    note: Book and quill are provided in a chest. (please don't grief all the books)
    Step 4. Drop Book in the hopper.
    note: If you get lost there sign on the box to help you.
    DEADLINE: Get your book in by April 20th or you'll miss out.
    NOTE: I'll Do an update on this post of when I have successfully finished getting the gift together and set up chest on a res. PLEASE check back often after April 20th.
    Please don't hesitate to ask question via PM, In Game, or A comment Below.
    Thank You
  2. Wow tomijo Nice to see u are getting peeps what they dream for =)
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  3. P.S. Please Please sign the book so I know who I'm giving the gift too and so it's easy to set a access chest for you.
    Thank You
  4. *drops gifts into the hopper
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  5. Lolol. I already done that ages ago but then Now I'm so excited bout it!
  6. Thank you so much deadmaster I'll check look at it tomorrow when i get on. :)
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  7. *drops 10 supporter vouchers in the hopper*
  8. :) :cool: :D :p :rolleyes: <--------- Me seeing this thread and trying to think of something
  9. NOTE: If you changed your MC name please tell me your EMC name the books are up to date with new player name please and thank you this is very important
  10. do we need our own book and quill?
  11. I don't need stuff, but I do like seeing people like you who are trying to help others. Might even get my mind of things, lemme dump some stuff in my /vault and I'll also dump some stuff into the hopper.
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  12. Come One, Come All!
  13. did you read? :confused: she provides them
  14. I'll try to have one in Tuesday or Thursday! ;) little busy this week and school is gonna be tough on Monday + Wednesday =P. Thanks for doing this! :) :D
  15. Chocolate800 is my current name. JPGamer1000 is my changed name :p i didn't know whether to like PM you in-game or on the forums but apparently I did neither but WHATEVER xD (sorry for caps) =P
  16. What do I want? A book signed by me that on the inside says "I want a book signed by me".
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  17. So you want a book sign by you that says signed by you.
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  18. Ok the towel is being thrown down tomi needs some donations if you could please. If you just want to make a wish list thats fine too. Either way i need a little help.
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  19. Tomijo, PM a list of stuff you need I can probably help you get aprt/most of the items you need
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  20. A wish list for what Tomijo? please tell me. your friend mabe, :p

    -Emeraldstars (I bet you already knew who I was :p)