Pineapple Birthday Party + AMA

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  1. When: TBD - in August (apologies folks but 5+ days of internet being down ruined any chance of properly prepping for this event. Will reschedule for later this month so adequate time is available to prep)

    Where: EMC of course :) SMP(s) are yet to be determined.

    Why: 1 year as a mod on July 22 and I missed my 12 and 18 month birthday, so I’m mashing everything together in one gigantic event. Why the delay you ask? Unfortunately a lot of stuff hit simultaneously for about a week starting on July 22 so the party will be at a time when I won’t get buried. :)

    How: This will be a two parter.

    PART 1: AMA

    As it has been a year since I became a mod, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with a significant number of you and I’m sure there’s questions about me that’s gone through your mind that you would love to get answered. This is your chance.

    Each person that posts will be entered into a drawing. On August 13, two people will be drawn randomly out of those who posted. One will win a Gold Supporter Voucher and the other will win an Iron Supporter Voucher.

    Ask as many questions as you like, but only your first question will count for your entry. Alts and Staff members are welcomed to participate, though only the moderators within the staff team are eligible to enter the drawing.

    PART 2: On Server Event

    Details are still being worked out and will be announced as we get closer. Rest assured though that there will be plenty of fun and plenty of prizes to be had.

    Speaking of which, for those who want to contribute as there are usually a few...


    You can submit item donations at /v 5139 pineappleparty on Utopia or forward rupees to me with the description Pineapple Party to contribute towards the prize pool.

    Acknowledgements will be given to those who donate if they are known.
  2. I'll be there!! :D So excited!! Happy everything lol
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  3. Nice! I'm in!

    Are you offended by Hawaiian pizza's? :cool:
  4. YOOOOOO!! Hopefully I get my PC by then so then I can attend
  5. Prizes for AMA clarified as it sounded like each one would win both; I don't have the means to do that. :p

    After serious temptation to petition the UN to have the eating of pineapples labeled as genocide, I've come to the conclusion that the battle won't be won so I've resigned myself to grudgingly (with great disapproval) allowing it to occur.

    Though I'll never eat it personally.
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  6. You became a mod on my birthday! :D Congrats on that :3

    What would you do if I threw a balloon at you? ;)
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  7. Grats on one year as a mod.

    Now my question to you is: Do you play any games aside from Minecraft? If so, what is your favorite? :)
  8. Probably bounce it back. :)

    Sporadically I'll play a game on my xbox, but I've backed off gaming in general (except for Minecraft) over the last few months due to IRL commitments.
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  9. I should be there (hopefully) depending on the time :p
    Question:What keeps you playing on EMC?
  10. Tentative time is subject to change but I'm looking at somewhere in the ballpark of 8pm on the 13th.

    Short answer: You all.

    Long answer: See related question on the Staff Q&A in the wiki. :)
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  11. First of all: Congrats with... 1 year as a mod, your 1 and 1.5 year EMC anniversary, your awesome Utopian residence and... something else :p

    Oh, by the way, please exclude me from the contest. That's because I think my alter ego also wants to participate and yah... Normally I stay out of those events and let her have some fun, but there are some where I really feel the need to show some personal support as well, like this one. But I honestly don't want to gain any extra advantage, even if it is allowed & part of the game.

    Yes, my weekend is complete! Now that it is official that I'm not the only one who managed to delay those events so horribly :D

    Anyway, not sure yet if I can make it (August is also close to my vacation) but we'll see soon enough. One way or the other I really hope you'll have an awesome Pineapple event day and of course thanks a bunch for doing all this!
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  12. Congrats on everything :p

    I should be able to make it! :)

    My question: Paper or Plastic? :p
  13. congratz :D

    why/how did you choose your name? :p
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  14. C0ngratulations!

    Why were you obliged to be a moderator of EMC?
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  15. I made the card huge cause I like you so much.

    Need Question. How do you plan to make your mark during your lifetime?
  16. I'll try to be at the party, How did you decide on your name?
  17. Congrats on 1 year, your a wonderful potato! Oh wait wrong person I mean pineapple! My bad :) any way my wonder question is, what do you think your emc life would be like without being a staff member?
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  18. Alrighty. Answer time!

    Plastic. Anyone who has ever handled stacks of papers will understand that messing with a ton of paper is not friendly to hands. :p

    Pre-Minecraft days (which would put it back to at least Summer of 2012 at the earliest. I had lost access to my other xbox account and was unable to retrieve the password. So I decided to create a new account and let the xbox select the username.

    The name it spat out was ElfinPineapple0. That carried over to Minecraft and was shortened to ElfinPineapple once name changes came to EMC.

    Miner Mania for sure. I had to go on a summer sabbatical from events because IRL was gonna punt me into next year if I didn't, but I'll be back soon enough (i.e. next week. :p)

    Community - I absolutely love this community. It's the reason I stuck around EMC after joining it for the first time in December 2015 and is the reason I applied to be a moderator. I love helping people out.

    Oh I can turn this into a tl;dr situation so fast, but the short answer is that my career is going to be framed around addressing the issues of poverty and inequality within America.

    See answer to Allicanto for this question. :)

    The month or so prior to being selected I had set up an official outpost on smp1 and was working on getting stuff set up in it. If I was not selected for staff I think I would've made a lot more progress on it.

    But that said, I wouldn't trade this honor for any gain within EMC - it is truly wonderful serving you all.
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  19. congrats on everything ! and i hope to make it to the 2nd part / the in-game event !

    what do you like to do whenever mod duties aren't keeping you busy ?