Pick A Letter: A to Z or 1 to 9 including zero

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  1. As per my 4th Annual Celebratory Occasion thread

    Please choose a letter -OR- a number.
    Once per person.
    One letter/number choice per post.
    [Bold][underline]Whether a letter/number has been chosen or not, does not matter. Random number chooser will pick the thread reply number to pick the number. [/Bold][/underline]

    Single letter choices are the 26 American English alphabet letters: A through Z
    Single digit Number choices are: 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 .. 5 .. 6 .. 7 .. 8 .. 9 ..0

    Thank you so very much !!

    [Bold][underline]Edit: alts are allowed a vote of their own !! Alts have feelings too ![/Bold][/underline]

    As an Example vote : (and totally binding)

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  2. R

    Hola Katy.

    Edit: as in "ARRR matey"
  3. F

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  4. 3
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  5. This is hard! So many ideas going through my head...


    Not sure what that came from all of a sudden. Hm, maybe the fact that I'm eating yoghurt with M&M's right now. :p
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  6. S for SkeleTin!!!
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  7. 6 because it is the closest to that most important mathematical constant - Tau
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  8. t