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Would you like to see more photography?

Yes 15 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. *thread closed*
  2. These are really nice :D
    I especially like the autumn leaves photo.
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  3. Thanks so much! I like that one too xD
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  4. These photos are fantastic! May I ask what camera you have, make and model? I use a Nikon D3200 DSLR for my shots :)
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  5. I use a Nikon coolpix L840 :)
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  6. Cool hannah! The photos match your profile pic XD
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  7. That happens to be one of the cameras that I was considering before I got my Nikon! I went for the D3200 because it was a DSLR - means that I could change the lenses and could change the body too in the future if I need to! :) That L840 is nice too though, and takes great pictures!
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  8. Yeah, i wanted a DSLR, they're pretty cool, it'll probably be my next camera. Since this is my first camera, i didn't want to invest too much, incase i didn't enjoy it enough ;)
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  9. Wow, those look great!
    Thanks for sharing!
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  10. At the minute, your shots are looking great so no worries, that camera is treating you well! :)
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  11. Thank you! :D
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  12. Thank you very much ;)
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  13. Bump for hannah
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  14. Love photos
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  15. Thank you! ;)
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  16. It looks great :)
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  18. Oh my goodness these are very beautiful! do you use a professional camera? and what country do you live in because I really love this look of nature!
  19. Nikon coolpix L840
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