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  1. just the perfect place to post my photos i've taken for my photography business
    :D hopefully you can enjoy! :D

    if you're interested, my facebook page is here! (though i don't update it really)

  2. Ford Mustang SVT Cobra photos needed :)

  3. hehehe, will do :D
  4. What glass are you running there?
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  5. just for you fendy :p

  6. I LOVE the second one
  7. i updated the thread post with more pictures, :)

    what do you mean?
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  8. "glass" is a term for the lens you're using... probably just asking you what type of camera you're using
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  9. i was thinking that was it, but i wasn't completely sure.. i have myself a Nikon D3200
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  10. Nice. I'm using a Canon T3 with a 75-300 IS USM III and a 18-55 IS USM II.
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  11. Nice photos Batt especially love the mustang ones! :D

    Maybe try and get more photos of animals? :)
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  12. i do have animal ones as well, :p
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  13. Nice work battmeghs, some really nice pics you've got here! :D

    I really want to get into photography soon, 'professional' like cameras are getting a lot cheaper nowadays, probably due to their popularity. I saw one for £99 the other day on Argos and that looked pretty good, don't actually know how good it would be though; probably good enough for a starting up. :)
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  14. do not ever buy a camera because of the price.. that isn't ever a good idea. lol
  15. I wouldn't but, price is an important factor when you're on a budget. :)
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  16. it is, but you also don't want to pay 100$ for a camera that should be 40$ ... i know someone who wanted to buy a camera for 160$ once, it was 14 mp... no one should ever pay that much money for such a terrible quality image.
  17. Yeah that's pretty bad, 14MP is like the standard for any regular digital camera I believe nowadays. I think the one is saw was this or similar to this.... it's 20 MP.
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  18. i'm not much of a fan of sony, but if it works for you :p
    oh and thanks, i haven't said thank you yet :p
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