Orlando Club Shooting

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  2. In this kind of situation it is practically embarrassing and inappropriate to use it as leverage for gun control. Not only that, but gun control is not what people think it is. All it does is delay or divert. The people who intend to use guns for illegal/evil purposes have no issue with going around the law. Why would anyone assume that new regulation would change that? A good example of this is large cities. Many of them have very strict gun control or blanket gun bans, yet that does little to nothing to stop them from being gang violence hot spots. There is also the issue with picking which guns to control. If you go by most popular opinions of gun control, we should ban the scary looking guns but do nothing to the powerful guns. Seems backwards, right? That is because the gun control "dream" is pure politics, with very little actual reason included.

    As for the argument that the "rest" of the world gets along without guns, why can't the US? I am interested in knowing how often you guys hear about legal and responsible gun use stories. The vast majority of gun owners use them legally and responsibly. All you ever hear about is the extreme case of some nutcase going off the hook with a gun. You can't justify judging an entire population based off of the horror stories.

    We have a people problem, not a gun problem. Continuing to ignore this and instead point fingers at the methods that people do things just lets the problem continue.
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  3. One reason Americans have guns is it gives us peace of mind to be able to effectively protect ourselves. We live in a disgusting world where crazy people do crazy things as seen today. Picture yourself in that bar. Would you like to have a firearm with you? Don't tell me the whole incident could be avoided if guns were banned because it would be relatively easy for anyone to get a gun if they wanted one. I mean honestly, banning guns will never happen because the people your pissing off are the people who are armed. Even then people will continue to craft and distribute weapons much like the prohibition era. According to a quick search 1/3 of America is armed. Look out government your trying to take something from 100 million (largely conservative) civilians who aren't going to like that very much. Taking guns away from us will likely cause more bloodshed and heartbreak than if you just let us keep them.
    EDIT: Lets be clear I do not like guns. I wish they had never been invented. I wish gunpowder was never invented. I think we would live in a more peaceful, civil way. However, guns WERE invented, gunpowder WAS invented, and so I WILL not be unnecessarily vulnerable to the people who have them.

    So to answer people who live elsewhere, that in a nutshell is why America will not part with its guns.

    Can we all just pray or mourn for these victims and their families now? We've lost enough people today, lets be friends with the people we have left.
  4. There is no safety to be found in a gun. Guns bring death, they do not create life. To carry one is a burden, a responsibility. They are not a gift, they are a curse.
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  5. This post is a nightmare. We DO NOT need to devolve this into an argument. I personally hate guns. But I see them as a responsibility and not a curse. I will not have them banned. Not on my life. Power to the people.
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  6. It always saddens my heart to hear about these things. To think that someone was so mixed up that he chose to kill innocent people in this fashion knowing he would die as well. The part of knowing he would die... Why did he need to kill others? Why not just take his own life and leave this situation he found unacceptable? I dont see the glory in it I guess or comprehend the statement. May the victims suffering been brief and their families find some consolation in the days to come.

    I believe a weapon can be traced back to all races and cultures around the world and through out time. A staff, an ax, a sword, a pike, a whip, blow darts and a gun are all some examples of devices used to protect ourselves from those who would do us harm or take from us what we have by force. Why do Americans want to keep their guns so bad? well there was a time not so long ago when Americans needed a gun for protection while we were a young country. Protection and a personal firearm for battle if the war came your way. Yes, that was a few years back. But there is a certain art to a well made weapon and that can be appreciated.

    Modern times, a firearm should not be required to go about our daily lives. We have a police force that protects us. We can walk down the street without watching our back and no moving from cover to cover. We dont need to relay on any one to be safe, we take it for granted, it is our right.

    It was stated previously in the thread... its not a gun problem, its a people problem. I agree. I served overseas in the military. At different points I used an m16, an m4 , saw, 240 bravo, and operated m19. I can honestly tell you right now, NOT ONE ROUND LEFT THE CHAMBER WITHOUT ME SENDING IT ON ITS WAY. My weapon never once decided to fire on its own. I was in control at all times and my finger was the safety that kept it all in control.

    I believe the problem lies in the heart of the people. Lets start fixing hearts around the world. Focus on good old fashioned morals and caring and taking responsibility. But lets start with some happy caring hearts.

  7. Curiously enough, we don't have the right to bare arms. It is unlikely our government plans to enforce a long-sleeve dress code however. We do have the constitutional right to bear arms. We can also arm bears if we choose, but this is unlikely to yield any kind of positive outcome regardless of how you feel about firearms.
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  8. Acts like these have no place in Islam. It's so sad to see people so quickly associate horrible atrocious humans like this orlando shooter with all Muslims. Just a few hours ago someone yelled the classic "Go back to your country!" at my mother because she was wearing a hijab, a headscarf. Before you call terrorists' acts ISLAMIC extremism or their dirty mafia for pigs ISLAMIC state bear in mind these two have NOTHING to do with Islam, DAESH isn't even Muslim, this terrorist isn't Muslim, so please do not put the word Islamic before them.

    “Whoever slays a soul, it is as though he slew all men; and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men.” (Surah al-Mā’ida 5:32)
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  9. yeah yeah yeah. i'm not an english nerd, i'm a science/math nerd, lol
  10. I have no stance on the gun debate.

    All I know is these events terrify me. I am bisexual. I can like men, I can like women. I have been in relationships with both. And to know I could very well die for publicly expressing it terrifies me. So yeah, this is a tragedy, and unfortunately the terrorist has gotten what they wanted. People are afraid... mission accomplished... hope those injured can pull through
  11. I saw-it on tv.
    A very sad day at 12pm emc time I shall pray, for the people we have lost that were so young.

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  12. Even police don't need guns
    American police have killed more people since 2014 than British have since 1979
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  14. Figured I would put this in here, mainly because of like the last 10 seconds of the clip show that even when these things happen.. everyone stands together to do what they can.

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  15. The way I see it guns aren't the problem. Guns don't kill people, bullets do. We should regulate ammo sales not gun sales
    Hunting rifle ammo should be bought at hunting stores and only sold to those who have a hunting lisense. People would need a lisense to own a hand gun and the ammunition for their weapons can only be sold in small quantities like you can only buy 26 rounds every 6 months. The exception to this would be security Guards, police, swat, fbi, anything in which you have to pass a scrict corse and get lisensed for it. As for big assault rifles the ammo should only Be sold on gun ranges and no ammo is aloud to leave the range with officials checking constantly. This way someone would wanted to do a shooting would have to either pass a crap ton of tests to become police or swat. Or they would be limited to usI got single shot hunting arms which are far less dangerous than take for example a m4.
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  16. Quite frankly in my opinion it's pretty pointless to start another gun debate over this. According to local media the guy was working for a security company called G4S and within that function was authorized to carry a weapon. So basically, even if civilians weren't allowed to carry weapons in the US then this incident would still have taken place, because this nutjob had access to weapons, and even in a professional way.

    It would have been better if said company didn't keep a guy on the payroll who was already being looked into by the FBI. Hindsight on my part, obviously. But still pointing at what's really happening here: lack of control. I'm not saying that security agencies should have kept him under surveillance 24/7, that's ridiculous without a probable cause. But surely they could have banned him from certain jobs which posed more risks? Such as that of a security officer.

    How can you expect someone to professionally guard and secure people when they are being investigated themselves?

    As long as you don't have control over such aspects then I sincerely doubt that even a ultra strict gun control enforcement will have any effect. I'm convinced it wouldn't have made any difference here.

    Which is the same with my previous comment about the Netherlands. One of the reasons I seriously think that we (civilians) are at a disadvantage (the "bad guys" carry firearms and we can't (aren't allowed to)) is lack of control. If the police were actually enforcing laws and keeping those "bad guys" off the street it would be a completely different situation. But that's something where our police department (and the justice system as a whole IMO) often severely fail.

    It wouldn't be the first time where a civilian attacks a burglar (or robber) and finds themselves being investigated and targeted by the police department (I am not kidding). Incidents, perhaps. But still a major problem. Allowing the civilians to arm themselves would definitely be something I wouldn't oppose perse, but realistically speaking I also think it wouldn't solve anything either.

    Laws and rules are meaningless if you don't enforce them. Just like it is on EMC.
  17. Due to the nature of this discussion, this thread has been shut down.

    We are deeply saddened by the loss of the human lives. This doesn't need to turn into a debate over religion, gun rights, LGBT acceptance, etc. We don't need to label the killer as anything other than a human being that murdered people for his own beliefs.

    If you want more information, then please turn to a credible news source for more.
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