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  1. Gday all, sorry about the problem with locked auctions, i sorta accidentally archived a pile of new ones among all the old.
    Actually i surprise myself that it took me this long to do that, been expecting it to happen for over a year now.
    Anyway, all should be back to the way it was (except the 6 pages of old auctions that are still archived).

    Anyway, if you notice any other missing auctions, let us know.

    Ill archive this post soon as well :)
  2. All good Was surprised when mine closed I was just like WHAT?! Thanks for sorting it all :) lol Will send a Pm shortly
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  3. Plz, fix title, thankz nub.
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  4. Sooo, this means the auction I bid on "closed" with me as winner right? Best & easiest auction ever, thanks! :D

    (just messing with you!) ;)
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  5. *Mumbles* Australians always messing things up.. Thanks :D
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  6. I don't pay attention to auctions or enter them or create them or do anything with them. They just fill up the active threads bar. :p So, I'm glad you fixed/fixing the problem. ;)
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