"Opinions about 'me'"

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  1. Insecure should be an option on every single one of these polls.
    If you need to gain validation by way of such things, I pity you. (definition 2: a cause for regret or disappointment)

    This is the internet, you can be whomever you wish to be. Therefore, I feel no sympathy for your insecurities.
    I will not bully you, the individual. [/opinion about "you"]
  2. A poll would have been easier, but I'll rate you at 2.5 Diamonds, you insecure guy.
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  3. You make very valid points, but like everything there's arguments for and against everything. I haven't really thought about these opinion threads in this way before, but your opinion here is completely valid.
    This here is just perfect...
    In real life, I'm really shy and I don't talk to many people. But on this internet I talk to everyone and openly share my opinions. That statement couldn't be any more true!
  4. Diamonds to you! For using the internet correctly. IMO. :cool:
  5. I'm glad someone made this thread. It's beginning to look as if "opinions about me" threads are becoming a trend and I hope they don't. I find them a bit annoying and looking for attention. I don't have anything against the people who've made them but I wish people would stop.
  6. I posted the first thread, I did not expect others to post the same as me, being honest.

    I posted my thread so I can know what people think of me. I do not plan on changing my ways one bit, for I am not affected by the results. I am just being myself and a very curious one about that too.

    Insecure? Not at all.
  7. Maybe not insecure but like Cddm said definitely attention seeking, even if it's just a little bit. I understand that you want to know what people think of you but is this really the right way to do it? I know it's probably the easiest and most simple way to get it out there but really just by talking to people and being quoted and liked as we do on a daily basis should be enough to see what people think of you.
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  8. I'm going to go ahead and rank you 37 milk buckets. The max is not going to be revealed...so enjoy that. :p
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  9. That does not tell me what people think of me.

    They can simply disagree on a topic of mine and suddenly I could think they hate me, I mean who knows? At least in my thread I get a simple straight foreword answer.
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  10. Notice the variation in you and "you"?
    Using the word you is to indicate, as specified, the individual.
    Using "you" is to indicate that this message is not for any specific individual.
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  11. Well aware you were not targeting anybody is particular. I believe that you just want this whole thread spam to stop and so do I.
  12. But would you instantly think someone would hate you simply for disagreeing on one thing? I mean, ok, you can think that but it's a bit silly really. And really it would tell you what people think, talking to them and reading quotes. Even this as an example, I'm disagreeing with you but in a fairly calm way, Im not against you at all but my opinion of you is slowly going down. Not enough for me to particurlaly dislike you though

    Edit: I'll leave it here, I hate arguing. Sorry for starting this off anyway u.u
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  13. I do not think you are against me at all, I don't believe anybody is. Well, except for that Samsimx guy; I swear every time I grief him he reports me. I mean what the hell!

    Anyways, I get what you are saying. I prefer doing it my way though.
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  14. When I started seeing these I was initially reminded of notes that got passed around in grade school with "Do you like me?" and two check boxes for "yes" or "no" on them.

    Most of us are probably old enough and socially sophisticated enough to have outgrown passing notes in real life. We still do these things but in different and more subtle ways as we get older instead.

    Here and in-game we can't see each other's expressions, hear the tone of voices, or see body language. So we're left kind of blind in a way. I just see this as people trying to figure it out in spite of that.
  15. Welcome to my signature.
    First time that has been updated since PandasEatRamen made my Retired Staff bar. Prior to that, it was empty until I became staff and put my own personal key analogy in.
    You get that position for the life of my account which may or may not be destroyed when Earth or the Universe is destroyed.* :D

    (*I am not a scientist.)
  16. I give you 82 pies. The amount of pies isn't definite, so take that how you will.
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  17. Check you're Empire Mail ;)
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  18. Damn, this post was edgy. But anyways.
    Can confirm, I'm actually a pulse of energy with an electrical potential of 72 volts.
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  19. I bet you're actually 73 volts...
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  20. Are they made with cherry filling?
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