One million rupee giveaway!

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  1. Video of the event from my perspective (please upload your vids if you also recorded the party):
    Watch on youtube for HD
  2. Whoa. Awesome.

    EDIT: Can we have an estimate time? Like afternoon Eastern or something like that?
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  3. Unless I have some camp I will be there!
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  4. Ill be ther!
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  5. OMG That's awesome!
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  6. ill log on on my alt and see if i can win... if i do ill donate the rupees to r0bbie for the smp4 project.
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  7. Dispensers? Like what Rob did waay back when he had his big drop party? Can't wait I'll try and be there
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  8. What is your time zone?
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  9. Just saying, but who would charge people to enter a giveaway?!:p
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  10. Cheapskates. :rolleyes:
  11. every's sigs are broken images.
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  12. Unfortunately I cannot venture a guess until I speak with Joelslaw. We both have weekends off, so we will likely try and make it a good evening time for the US. I will make sure you guys know a specific time by the end of this week, giving you at least a week to plan accordingly.
    Yes, much like that, but bigger.
  13. DEFINETLY be there :)
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  14. So long as it isn't between 6 and 11 Saturday night est I can be there
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  15. Couldn't agree more, however a lot of people were asking how much it would cost to participate as I was collecting goods, and the drop room was being built. I thought it was odd then and still think it's odd now, but I wanted to address the point before it was asked again.
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  16. I'll try my hardest to be there :3
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  17. I must be there!
  18. I wish I could attend! :( Well better luck next time :)
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