One Man's Trash

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  1. Description

    is another man's treasure! Find random items from chicken to diamonds at One Man's Trash, now with a redesign, bulk buy, free shuffling, auto-filtering, bulk removal and more!

    Donate anything you like at /v 413 - even dirt! Get rid of all your useless items instantly and quickly.

    Purchase random items from chicken to diamonds for just 6r/piece at /v 413 buy - we've got 3 slots in case you find an item you don't want, bulk buy if you want to get rid of some items quickly, and filtered items to remove things like dirt.

    Get free items (free!) at /v 413 free - right now we support Sugar Cane, Iron, Dirt, and Arrows.


    Coming soon - we just had a huge redesign!


    SMP1 - [/v 413]
    SMP2 - Not opened yet.
    SMP3 - Not opened yet.
    SMP4 - Not opened yet.
    SMP5 - Not opened yet.
    SMP6 - Not opened yet.
    SMP7 - Not opened yet.
    SMP8 - Not opened yet.
    SMP9 - Not opened yet.
    Utopia - Not opened yet.



    Would you like to be an employee? PM me in-game or on-site!
  2. Yes umm, I am not seeing where I can sell.
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  3. Note the hopper to the left of the buy chests. It should be right above a sign saying "One man's trash... ".
    Also note that you won't be paid anything for disposing of your items at 1717.
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  4. Buffer has been increased. More items can now be held in One Man's Trash. :)
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  5. Do [slot all]

    So you don't have to do [slot 1]
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  6. Bump.
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  7. Bump.
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  8. So you get a random item for 3r?
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  9. Should be free....
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  10. Like most things, this is a business, and quite the smart one I might add. What he's doing is exactly what he says.

    "One man's trash is another man's treasure"

    According to that, the person throwing away their "trash", is getting rid of it, where it is put in the sell chest, and then another person is given the chance to buy said item for a set 3 rupees, maybe it ending up being a "treasure" to them.

    Keep in mind, when attempting to buy an item, before the transaction is made, you are first given the description of the item, so it's worth a shot to see what you may find. You never know, you might just end up finding your "treasure". ;)
  11. I think this is really cool. :)
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  12. Can I have one opened on my res. So Smp2 Will also have :D
    Edit. Soz for double post...
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  13. I will give a small area on my resume on smp9 for it
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  14. Sorry, but I'm not planning on expanding One Man's Trash in the immediate future. I'll keep you posted with info about co-ownership, though!
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  15. I think they are doing it by themselves....
  16. what if it's filled with dirt? then we would be paying 3r for a piece of dirt(one stack of dirt is barely 1r) or would you filter out dirt?
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  17. The dirt filter doesn't even work.
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  18. A dirt filter is included, but may not work when people are clicking extremely fast. I advise that if dirt is being sold, PM me (or if I'm on a server, /tell me) and purchase your items from another chest slot. This is, of course, another reason why I have implemented 4 slots for items to be sold from.

    EDIT: Dirt filter improved with 100% accuracy no matter what.
    ANOTHER EDIT: Dirt filter is now impossibly accurate, with two layers of security both functioning at 100% accuracy. I guarantee, you won't find one piece of dirt for sale.
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  19. I am coming by RIGHT NOW!
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