One diamond supporter voucher for auction.

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by DELTIC66, Jun 22, 2016.

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  1. A quick auction for diamond supporter voucher

    starting bid 300k

    incremental bids of 2k

    auction ends 6.00 p.m emc time
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  2. ends 22 june 2016, emc 6.00 emc time
  3. meant 304k, I mistyped ^^^^
  4. darn....forgot to check clock....lost stupidly
  5. You were too late, it's now 6:03 (maybe 6:02 when you sent that) EMC time.
  6. I'll let a Mod confirm who won as your correction came after the end time and the previous bid was invalid.
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  7. I did mistype, I meant to say 304k originally but my keyboard hates me. I can't edit my original post at the time so...
  8. Your bid was at exactly 6:00 PM EMC time though, so I'm not sure how that'd work. If it were to me, I'd let 302k bid win, because it was valid before/on the ending time. This is a tough one though, and the opinion on who's it is may (and probably will) vary per person. :p
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  9. Deltic66 said I did win this auction, and I did pay him already, and I did pick up. If a mod says my bid was invalid I can refund it back to him.
  10. Looks like 303k won right on the dot in my opinion Nighthawk3846 was the winner
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  11. 303k was an invalid bid though.
  12. ^^ There it is then. Sorry for the confusion or frustration from this, hopefully no hard feelings?
  13. the last bid was at 6.00 emc for 303 k which was right so the auction ends there ,no contest if it had been at 6.o1 then nighthawk3846 would have lost ,simples
  14. I did mean to type 304k, I hit the wrong key and saw my mistake after I submitted the reply as I was trying to snipe quickly. I didn't mean to put 303k, I knew it was an invalid bid.
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