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Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Maxarias, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Tonight a Mob Arena will be held..
    Will YOU participate in this event?
    Time: Mondays 8:00 pm BST / Wednesday 10:00 pm EST (Time is always subject to change)
    Two rounds will be held.

    Server: SMP 5.

    Information about the Mob Arena;
    • There is NO PVP allowed.
    • Monsters will keep spawning until there is only one person left on the battle floor. That person will be the victor.
    • All items dropped on the battle floor will automatically go into the winners' chests, including player dropped items, so do not try to trade on the battle floor.
    • Trying to hide in corners will get a Wither spawned around, or over you. It is best to advise other players to not hide in the corner, if you wish to not have a Wither in the Arena.
    • Trying to cheat, and hide in the doors/sneak into the mob arena will get you teleported back to town, and could possibly prevent you from ever participating in any Mob Arena in the future.. So don't do it, it's not smart.
    The winner of the Arena may request to fight a Wither by them self, with no other mobs spawned, in order to obtain a star. If a player has previously won an Arena that day/night, player will not receive star, but can still fight Wither.

    End of the Month MAW Rules;

    • On this night, normal rules go out the window. This night only happens on the last (Usually) Wednesday of the Month.

    • The Winner is not chosen until all Waves are defeated, and there is only one standing.

    • Standing in the glass doors, and trying to sneak into the Arena towards the end will get you banned from the Mob Arena Residence.. That means you won't even be able to watch.

    • As always, there is NO PVP.

    • Trying to hide in corners will get you extra attention.. Meaning lots of mobs will be spawned on you.

    • Monsters will keep spawning in Waves until there is a single person left.
  2. haha I seen what you did to the corners in the arena very clever. :p

    I try to make it :)
  3. I went ahead and stickied this thread for future planned Mob Arena events. :)
  4. I lost the last one I participated in:(
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  5. I lose them all :3
  6. I always lose :), last time I spent 5k on enchanted armour, went broke, and lost.
  7. Same here but armed with a Plain stick is very hard to win it :p
  8. Yeah I lose them all, but sometimes the winner is nice and lets everyone pick stuff from chests or does a drop party so I guess everyone wins sorta.

    Lol Been there.
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  9. I only won once...
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  10. But it was an awesome win.
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  11. The OP has been updated with more information; 2 separate events will be held, both at 11 EST, one at 11 am, and another at 11 pm.
  12. So the first one will occur in near 6 hours, right?
    EDIT: 5 my bad.
  13. why :( I lost them all >:U you went diminds hunts without me
  14. It hasn't happened yet xD. 11am EST is in 9ish hours, the other is during the usual time.
  15. I deleted it so i dont look like a noob :p
  16. Not quite. It's currently 2:37 am over here, in EST. We're waiting for 11:00 am EST.
  17. For anyone that's not sure about what time it will be for them; (I think I got this right, it should be close)

    Morning session:
    London - 1600
    California - 0800
    Tokyo - 0100
    Sydney - 0300

    Evening session:
    London - 0400
    California - 2000
    Tokyo - 1300
    Sydney - 1500
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  18. lol, something like -> come here mr mob let me beat you with my stick muwahahahaha :D
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  19. aww it seems i wont be able to make it to either of these :(
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  20. Tomorrow is Wednesday but its Dec 5th :rolleyes:
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