Oii Fellow EMC'rs! :D

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  1. Hiyoo! Figured I may as well introduce myself since I have nothing better to do. 8)
    1. My names Fexu But most call me Fexy or Fex
    2. I'm from Michigan, US
    3. I'm obsessed with cats
    4. I range at the age of anywhere from 10-20
    5. I enjoy spending my off time playing EMC or my Playstation 4 :)
    6. I'm a HUGE nerd
    7. I'm a proud mommy of 5 wonderful cats
    8. Favorite color is Purple
    9. I'm very friendly and am willing to help anyone! :D
    That's all I got.. Hope you enjoyed reading this thread! <3
  2. Oi m8, welcome to the empire!

    And you should meet Aikat.
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  3. Thank ya much! 8) And yess lol!
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  4. Beware of smp8 ;)
  5. Oh dear, so i've heard xD I've traveled my way through each smp over the months. SMP8 is definitely the most active and strange (in a good way) :cool:
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  6. Welcome to EMC, if you have any questions just ask!:)
  7. Thanks! =D Much appreciated!
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  8. Hi Fexu. Nice to meet you and let me say, welcome to the Empire, even though you have been around for about 8 months. ;)
  9. Oi! Welcome to EMC and we really hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any questions (specifically about macros, but also anything else really :D) feel free to shoot me a message on forums or in-game! See you around! SMP1 Rules!
  10. *sees 'oi' in the title and gets angry somebody would speak to me like that*
    *realise I woke up 20 minutes ago and I shouldn't be angry over what somebody said in the title of a thread on a forum*
    *posts this comment*
  11. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  12. Thank you all! Appreciate all your lovely welcomes! :cool: Including you soul! even though my Oi made you angry xD
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  13. You're welcome! :p

    And officially this time: welcome to EMC :D
  14. 1. I said the same thing in my intro(thought a little differ way): im 12 - 22 years old
    2. Welcome to EMC!!! Have Fun!!!(ps, follow the rules and you wont have to see another one of those servers again :p not counting EMC :p)
  15. Oi! ^.^
    Welcome to the Empire, I hope you'll enjoy your stay! :)
    My favourite colour is purple too! Did you already check out the purple theme of the forum? I find it lovely and prefer it above the default orange one! You can configure it here: https://empireminecraft.com/account/preferences
  16. Yesssss someone else that uses the purple theme <3

    Welcome to Empire Minecraft, check out the link below for a decent (possibly outdated) guide.

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  17. Thank you! :D And yeah! lol. I currently have that theme selected ;) Purple FTW.
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