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  1. :) Hello. I'm new...here.
    Name is Megan, but I go by Pwncess in just about every game I play.
    I'm 24 years old (will be 25 this April...old..)
    I live in California and am a bookseller at Barnes and Noble. I love it. :)
    I play a bahjillion video games including World of Warcraft, Minecraft of course, and so many different ones on Steam. I <3 video games O: Addiction started with Pokemon Yellow...
    I enjoy reading, writing, gaming, playing with my 2 cats, watching scary movies, dancing while I clean, daydreaming, and collecting frog stuff.

    Feel free to chat with me or befriend me. :) I'm currently just trying to find a permanent MC home since some servers tend to have too much lag or awful grievers... :p
  2. love the signature btw
  3. Thanks :) I used to belong to a Pokemon forum and had a couple people make me things for my fanfiction I was writing at the time. She's my signature Pokemon trainer, along with her team and main Poke, Gizamimi Pichu. Sorry, nerded-out a bit there.
  4. lol ik what u mean i nerd out alot.
  5. No you don't....

    Welcome to EMC! Now buy my dyes or I sacrifice to the gods of Minecraft.. :3:D
  6. lol atually i do mrlegit.ur not in my class at school.
  7. Saying ZOMG MINECRAFT IS AWESOME, is not nerding out, its Mining out....
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  8. That is some rather bright text.
  9. Nothing wrong with nerding out as long as you have someone who understands right? We're not weirdos!

    Thanks Mr. Legit. I would love to but the server doesn't seem to like me this evening... Keep losing connection but everything else is fine. =/ Maybe I'm not allowed in there yet? D:

    Why yes, Silly. I love me some pink text! I tried bolding it to make it less hard to see, but I can switch to purple if that's easier to see? Green seems a bit too much. Unless I go dark, which is awful and reminds me of the time I got lost in the swamp on one server...
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  10. I don't mind it. I normally would do purple myself, but I'm rather lazy.
  11. If your a A.I, why do you have energy? Did the forget to charge you?
  12. Its in my personality programming.
  13. Then hack your self. :D Give your self no laziness.
  14. Maybe some other time.
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  15. :p I'm a sucker for fonts and colors. Makes me feel unique when I use the same fonts as everyone else, lol.

    What's A.I. stand for? Artificial Intelligence? *hums a tune*
  17. im sad i got banned for 2 days. :(
  18. What did you do, if I may ask? :C
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  19. raged on a guy named jackomighty.he was being rude about all my buildings/redstone stuff.
    got on my nerves and raged really bad.lol i find it dumb he was raging at my redstone mainly cuz he asked ME to make it.